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Here is the second set of fixes for the major release. There are still enough problems with the new stuff to warrant continued work there before I move on to older issues, and the next release will probably be within the timeframe of the last two.

-- Toady One, 28 February 2012

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed crash with historical figure cull vs. wandering groups
  • Stopped historical figures from starving
  • Stopped various corruption crashes and weird effects, mainly from aborted world gens (nice catch, Lightning4!)
  • Stopped original population associated to historical figure from screwing up its allegiances
  • Stopped it from moving criminal leaders with routine civilian moves, changing their allegiances
  • Stopped populations from villages/trade partners from migrating into dungeon outcast groups all at once (one group had 15000!)
  • Stopped werebeasts from gumming up world gen
  • Stopped raised corpses from having various allegiances
  • Vampires that take over sites lose other allegiances
  • Made soldiers from previous forts clean up military info upon arrival at current fort
  • Stopped ghosts and royal family members and undisguised vampires (aside from the king/king's group vamps) from immigrating to fort
  • Fixed a new bug that completely stopped archery training
  • SDL version: TrueType crash from long strings (Baughn)

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Changed which entity moves to which sites, mainly so elf pops don't live in fortresses and vice versa without acclimating to a city first
  • Set labor list for migrants by default (can turn off in data/d_init.txt)
  • Added a tab for other stones in stone list and made stones with a reaction product class list as economic in stone list
  • Sped up adv mode loading/offloading somewhat, and cleaning should be a bit faster -- there are still really slow patches that need work
  • Controlled snatcher number in world gen
  • Decreased questing rate in world gen
  • Stopped reraised corpses from bleeding to death
  • Stopped forbid/melt/traffic/etc. mouse from messing with keyboard
  • Gave more indication for forbidden workshops
  • Made forbid/etc. from stocks screen not effect building items when applied to an entire group
  • Changed ramp names to indicate unusability due to missing walls or lack of space above
  • Sterilized zombies and mummies (only husk-type zombies need the STERILE tag)
  • Cleaned up some botched zombie names (old saves will need to let their zombies fall once and they should be better on reraise)
  • Made vampires fleeing to site in world gen require pop to fit into
  • Made vampire cults follow tyrant vampires properly
  • Vampire nicknames, profession, position names work
  • Vampires won't try to pin crimes on animals
  • Can get items from cabinets and other building furniture in adv mode now
  • Kea will not follow each other so closely when stealing
  • Fixed busted horseshoe crabs/men
  • Improved the age name calculator, especially as it regards the dominant race after megabeasts are cleared
  • Changed treasure room quality and item selection
  • Stopped designation at the bottom of the map from unhiding portions of it sometimes
  • Unobscured unit list option from main menu
  • Stopped world gen group from lingering in memory after bandits become criminals under town
  • Goblins can have higher pops in their important towns
  • Applied att change syndrome size modifiers properly (stops weird speed issues with adv blood drinking)
  • A few other minor tweaks listed in file_changes.txt
  • SDL version: Highlighting on unit screen fixed for TrueType (Baughn)
  • SDL version: Turning on playback while recording will no longer record the previously recorded keys (Baughn)
  • SDL version: TrueType text will now overwrite properly in some adventure mode circumstances (Baughn)
  • SDL version: Fixed some minor memory leaks (Baughn)
  • SDL version: Minor stability improvements (Baughn)
  • SDL version: Fixed some of the spacing issues with TrueType