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Here are the latest fixes. Note that your furniture stockpiles have some more type options now, and your old piles that had pots enabled will start with all the new tool options enabled (you should set them how you want them after you load it).

-- Toady One, 17 May 2012

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed various broken bucket jobs
  • Rollers require power properly now and get carts to speed faster
  • Stopped injuries from channeling and made objects and the digger move down to the ramp square when appropriate
  • Stopped picking up of unit-occupied/speeding carts in adv mode
  • Stopped wheelbarrow from getting stuck on obstacles that are built as it is moving
  • Fixed problem where carts leaving ramps get their velocity throttled too much (or just outright stopped)

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Stopped salt from spreading to fresh water, made fresh water destroy stagnant water
  • Cleaned up stockpile options for tools
  • Increased output of coke reactions
  • Made materials for embark tools match definition
  • Stopped fast travel when riding carts
  • Fixed scrolling of hauling menu for screen heights greater than 25
  • Made older saves set new vehicle ids correctly
  • Fixed busted string when looking at objects on rollers
  • Fixed typo in white sand density


You'll need to edit your old save's raws to see the increase in coke output if you import your old save. The affected file is data/<your save>/raw/objects/reaction_smelter.txt.

The 9 and 5 in the product lines below are the new numbers. You can use whatever you want.