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D4Dwarf.png This article or section has been rated D for Dwarf. It may include witty humour, not-so-witty humour, bad humour, in-jokes, pop culture references, and references to the Bay12 forums. Don't believe everything you read, and if you miss some of the references, don't worry. It was inevitable.

This is the list of quotes which appear at the top of the wiki's Main Page. Many of them are musings from the developer notes, while others are forum posts made by DF players or simply anonymous game-related statements. Feel free to add any quotes you find particularly amusing or interesting.

To add a quote to this list, place it on its own line above the last line.

  1. "Didn't you read the manual? He he he he... the manual... ..."
    --Toady One
  2. "[B]oats are the enemy of tiles. And tiles are the enemy of boats."
    --Toady One
  3. "I went through and fixed a few places where forbidden/on fire weren't being respected for next time. Burning milkable creatures were still a problem for example."
    --Toady One
  4. The cyclops I was quested to kill had a thousand year history of badassery, and all of that without the leg it lost in the Year 3 (a dwarf bit it off... I should probably deal with that). --Toady One
  5. "Stopped people from giving quests to kill themselves." --Toady One
  6. "Got rid of world gen crash during succession after death of prolific long-standing position holders with inbred descendants" --Toady One
  7. "Sieging humans brought some war polar bears, and one of them started a camp fire. Highly trained!" --Toady One
  8. "There was a typo in the siegers' campfire code. When the fires went out, so did the game." --Toady One
  9. "Dwarven children kidnapped and incorporated into goblin society might sh... shave."
    -- Toady One
  10. "You can't yet strangle people with the exposed guts, though I suppose that's now within reach." -- Toady One
  11. "I had to leave just before I tested the dwarf with the boiling gold blood." -- Toady the Great One
  12. There was kind of a violent explosion of boiling human blood when I was testing a human vs a magma man in the arena... it was a little weird, but I guess that's okay. -- Toady One
  13. The zombies in a necromancer's tower became suspicious after the necromancer failed to age -- Toady One
  14. I'd have to look back to see if it wants the physical or metaphysical id on the corpse. -- Toady One
  15. I also got started on jumping. My first jump was off by a factor of 100, so I flew against a cliff and blew apart. I'm still working on it. -- Toady One
  16. The king of my dwarves appointed a visiting merchant's yak as the general of the army while I was trading. -- Toady One
  17. Most of yesterday I spent trying to be robbed by bandits, but they kept looking away from me and forgetting I was there. -- Toady One
  18. Today's success was to have a crying mother spit on me and call me a murderer. -- Toady One
  19. Stopped dwarves from trying to clean their own missing or internal body parts. --Toady One
  20. Stopped zombies from interrupting your sleep to ask if they can help you with something. -- Toady One
  21. "Stopped aerial births." -- Toady One
  22. I had a dwarven hero try to kill a bronze colossus seven times, and each time he lost.... After the third duel, he began worshipping his enemy. -- Toady One
  23. I also grabbed somebody's exposed guts and did the only thing you can do with them currently, which is pinch them. -- Toady One
  24. The dabbling surgeon moved between repairing the compound fracture and trying to stop bleeding from malpractice. -- Toady One
  25. The poor thing died with the message "<name> has condensed." -- Toady One
  26. In addition, Atheli devoured three cows, four horses, five mules, a donkey, six dogs, two cats, and a rhesus macaque and fox while tormenting the elves. -- Toady One
  27. The titan was given a position in their pantheon, though it would still show up every few years to kick down somebody's house. -- Toady One
  28. Large animals can put an unskilled gelder in the hospital. --Toady One
  29. I have my little invisible help-wanted ads for [the dwarves] to look through now, followed by a little invisible pick-best-applicants procedure. --Toady One
  30. It seems I've just delivered you into the arms of crashing and despair. --Toady One
  31. Scamps added two lines of code today. They didn't compile. --Toady One
  32. The crash happened when the night creature tried to come up with things to say to potential shoppers. --Toady One
  33. Stopped cats from dying of alcohol poisoning after walking over damp tavern floors and cleaning themselves. --Toady One
  34. I filled my fortress's temple with statues and tantruming dwarves to test out the desecration code. -- Toady One
  35. These secret agents are overdoing it... "What can you tell me about yourself?" "Me? Who's that? I don't know myself." -- Toady One
  36. There's a cost to this movement, and the cost is, 'how much do I value my blood? -- Toady One
  37. It's still a shock. People are playing a text game. That's weird. -- Toady One
  38. An impressionable child, she inherited the goblin ethics of valuing power over others and her personal dream is to take over the world. I'm sure it'll be fine. -- Toady One
  39. I've got a fort that has an export industry centered entirely around little commemorative dacite figurines of the starting seven dwarves in different poses. Eventually we'll have to make the merchants more discerning -- Toady One
  40. "If a sieging army wants to talk, there's an initial petition to arrange a parley, which is not delivered physically -- they hang back outside in relative safety, since you people have a tendency to drop magma on things." -- Toady One
  41. My imprisoned expedition leader just walked home while still considered a prisoner due to some erroneous travel code exclusive to position holders. -- Toady One
  42. If your vision of dwarves is less about crafting in the mountains, and more about a lone dwarf descending from the hills to attack a village with a pack of a dozen hounds, your vision is now a reality. That's how I tested it, anyway. Five of the dogs were struck down, but the humans will now think twice about whatever it was they were thinking about, that's for sure. -- Toady One
  43. Uzol had orders, though, and he followed them to the letter. He broke into the temple and brought me back the relic... now I guess I have a save if I want to test being invaded by angry humans. -- Toady One
  44. "...go to reclaim artifacts that were either stolen by kobolds or something, or maybe weren't yours to begin with, and you can be bad dwarves. Start some shit." -- Toady One
  45. Some uncommon situations have become hard to debug with a test adventurer, so world debug mode can now manifest the cursor as an adventurer. Lots of "Hello. My name is Manifestation. Why are you traveling?" today. They don't notice the cursor human is clothing-free yet. -- Toady One
  46. I used my debug power to manifest as the Manifestation, holding the quest crossbow, which I immediately handed over. When I asked the quester about it, he said "An unknown creature has given an unknown creature <correct artifact name>. I don't care one way or another." -- Toady One
  47. Animals no longer become distracted from being unable to drink if they've experienced trauma, or from being unable to worship gods they shouldn't have been worshiping in the first place... -- Toady One
  48. Dropping a boulder on somebody and then leaving my dwarves unattended outside with nothing to do for a year resulted in tantrums, depression and oblivious wandering, so it seems to be working (...) I wasn't aware of their relationship status when the boulder fell; that's just how it turned out, sadly. -- Toady One
  49. Goblins are meant to die violent deaths. -- Toady One[1]
  50. I have some good saves I can look at and so forth, so hopefully I can pick some decent numbers if they are a problem, and if the numbers are fine, focus just on the ridiculous "scary teeth" part of it. Although I guess teeth are scary sometimes, but it takes like a whole horror movie to build up to why, and these are just random troll teeth. -- Toady One
  51. Insurrections were such a problem in sites that I had to turn them off for your fortress's holdings; we'll get back to that later. It wasn't even the insurrections, really; the dwarves were bailing on the occupation immediately because they were afraid of insurrections. -- Toady One
  52. After producing three notable poems, Zicab was murdered by a goblin armorer in the pits (who was later devoured by a giant lion, so that has a happy ending.) -- Toady One
  53. Artuk soon gave up on fighting, and became a poet like her father and grandmother, moving again to the goblin pits, where apparently all poetry in this world is written. -- Toady One
  54. For instance, a human trading company called the Present Hall was wildly successful trading various leathers and bones for crafting, and eventually had enough clout to open a branch warehouse inside a dwarf fortress for the first time. Can't resist that draltha leather. -- Toady One
  55. This turned out to be a strategic error, as two short years later, a forgotten beast obliterated the fortress, the warehouse, and killed everyone inside. So, what's the correct response? Close the destroyed branch? No, no, you stimulate the (non-existent) economy by hiring local. Forgotten beast, you're the new (ruined) warehouse administrator, congratulations! -- Toady One
  56. I've mainly been 'consolidating gains' this week (that is, finding horrible bugs and wondering how anything worked in the first place.) -- Toady One
  57. He was imprisoned in a dwarf fortress for 20 years. He might have escaped, but a hydra came and ate him and everybody else. -- Toady One
  58. I did have to fix a bug where the human and dwarven allies also ate the dead if the elves led the attack. -- Toady One
  59. I'm not actually sure why he didn't try to start a zombie horde of his own instead, but this is okay. -- Toady One
  60. Necromancers can pet their zombie animals too, and the living can try too if they are foolish. Hmm, I think a necromancer might also be able to pet their zombie humanoids, due to how it does the detection. -- Toady One
  61. I went to a shrine, rolled a tin icosahedral die and it was a bad roll and I was cursed to be a snowy owl for a week. So I flew up to a nearby rooftop and pondered tangents. -- Toady One
  62. I intentionally accepted a petition to establish a temple for the ten worshippers from the Cult of Cats, and then ignored it for an entire year. The game announced that the agreement had been abandoned, and one of my fisherdwarves that belonged to the religion cancelled their job in dismay. -- Toady One
  63. Now-corrected highlights include the game getting confused about who owned the tomb after a mummy came back from the dead, leading to the mummy's zombies sieging themselves, and two dwarven spies diligently maintaining their enemy cover identities even when they came to live in the player's fort, confusing the local soldiers and starting civil wars. -- Toady One
  64. Fixed crash involving stressed out wilderness creatures wanting to complain to priests. -- Toady One
  65. Ha ha, MAJOR_CURSE occurs 13 times in the code, and was the first usage hint added. MAJOR_BLESSING does not occur. Poor dwarves. -- Toady One
  66. There was a brief moment in DF history where armor had hair, swords whistled and elf arrows exploded wooden spikes inside of people. Someday we'll get back there. It's scheduled! -- Toady One
  67. Giant rats are classic beings, of course. We also have large rats since it felt like there needed to be extra size gradations for ratdom. -- Toady One
  68. The platypus has poisonous spurs, as in real life, which can cause painful swelling. Perhaps your fortress would benefit by allowing a platypus person adventurer to become a resident monster slayer? -- Toady One
  69. Generally, the large monsters should be able to do larger things. Just squishing entire bodies, or even groups of dwarves all at once. Squish. -- Toady One
  70. ”He he he. Yeah, it almost looks done... alas... those who are in your teens, hold on until your twenties... those in your twenties, your thirties... others, cling to life as you are able... It should be pretty fun though.” —Tarn Adams, 2004
  71. The were-capybara is only one of the myriad lunatic monsters that terrorize the living. -- ThreeToe
  72. If I had to pick a bird to apply to this situation, it wouldn’t be the phoenix, because nothing exploded. -- ThreeToe[2]
  73. Everything is beginning to coalesce, to congeal, to coagulate. All that's left is the detritus that is required to bring us to the starting line, waiting for the crack of the pistol. What does that mean? It means that I took a creative writing class in college. -- ThreeToe [3]
  74. I can't put my finger on it. Something about this Cat tallow roast tastes funny.
  75. Toady withdraws from society. Toady has begun a mysterious construction!
  76. Let us never forget the last words of Inod the Stoker, "Aaah! Gorillas!"
  77. Newborn Zuglar Baldnessgranite prefers to consume Gorilla. A sure sign of his unparalleled strength!
  78. In an unrelated article - I had no idea elephants could bounce that high!
  79. Toady looses a roaring laughter, fell and terrible! Toady has butchered a spammer!
  80. The critical question is this: do elf bones yield more crossbow bolts than the average number of bolts necessary to kill an elf?
  81. "Dwarf Fortress" ... "Like chess, only with short people that can catch on fire like rags soaked in tar, and lots of booze." ... "Like chess."
  82. Dwarf Fortress has taught me that all the world's problems would be substantially reduced had our parent civilizations never minted more than four stacks of coins.
  83. Booze does all the work in forts. Dwarves are just booze exoskeletons.
  84. My unconscious and bleeding mayor just mandated the construction of some goods.
  85. I can just imagine a wagon throwing a tantrum and tossing all its contents at people.
  86. Döbesh Udosdeb has been ecstatic lately. He was forced to eat a friend to survive. He enjoyed a truly decadent meal.
  87. Iron screw pump exercise equipment. Pump iron and get superdwarvenly strong!
  88. The violence, aggression, pain, madness, sadness of the ASCII characters never ceases to amaze me...
  89. Wait, you're MAKING animals?
    At this moment, yes, I am smelting cows.
    Spiders Everywhere
  90. (Compared to real-world years) Dwarven years are shorter.
    Very fitting to dwarves, I must add.
    --Sean Mirrsen
  91. Magma is not a water source. Dwarves can't drink it or supply it to their wounded.
  92. "You have been processed! Go forth, now, and edit!"
  93. "What happened in 1048?" "Jreengus occurred."
  94. Making rock instruments isn't nearly as awesome as it sounds --Shandrunn
  95. [FIREIMMUNE] makes them think that magma is safe but doesn't actually make them fireproof. This can lead to some rather interesting results.
  96. Endok Cerolneth has begun a mysterious construction!
    Endok Cerolneth, Planter has given birth to a girl.
  97. "Incendia sunt socia vestra, armaque vestra, fortesque Montis Domi." "Magma is your ally, your weapon, the strength of the Mountain-Home." --Eita
  98. "...And I simply doubt we have a need for 7 fishery workers. On top of that, a second soap maker. The hell IS soap?!" --Zero
  99. "This is a terrible pun. All craftsdwarfship is of the poorest quality." - Soup_alex
  100. "The default mental state of a dwarf is madness. Sanity is a temporary condition - a PRIVILEGE you have to EARN!" --Fedor
  101. "Why get normal cats? I buy lolcats in the embark screen. Much more fun to engrave about them." --Yanlin
  102. "Dwarf Fortress taught me it was okay to make a suit out of my neighbour's skin, as long as I gave it a name."
  103. "Hey, what does that flashing red and orange text mean? What? Why is there smoke everywhere? Oh god, are those BABIES on fire?" --StrawberryBunny
  104. "It's never 'just a game' when you're losing."
    --George Carlin (if he played Dwarf Fortress)
  105. Not that building a bridge out of soap makes much sense to begin with anyway.
  106. Note that while you cannot milk larger animals yourself, civilizations can still milk animals "off screen" for your benefit.
  107. Tosid Idenarzes likes tentacle demons for their corrupt intentions. "There! Now we've covered all of the seven deadly sins."
  108. "Litast Idenudesh, baby, is throwing a tantrum! Inod Litastrilem, Mayor, has lost consciousness. Inod Litastrilem, Mayor, has bled to death."
  109. Bug 416: Rain kills everything it lands on
  110. Bug 000780: [adventure mode][crime] - town guard becomes a criminal after getting an adventurer's stolen weapon stuck in his body
  111. "Udib Toblumaid, Axedwarf, cancels sparring in Barracks: too insane." Ben jamm1n
  112. Kosoth Cilobonol, Bone Carver cancels Drink: Unconscious.
  113. Sizir the Snail of Bait is a deity of The Fresh Towers. Sizir most often takes the form of a female dwarf and is associated with jealousy.
  114. Sibrek Tanbim likes Limestone, Tin, Smoky Quartz, the color crimson, bolts, scepters, anvils, and rock blocks for their lack of quality levels.
  115. There are 5 articles in category Lore: Armok, Cave adaptation, Elephant, Philosopher, and Vomit.
  116. There is nothing to catch in the magma pipe.
  117. Bug 000563 [dwarf mode][justice] - mayor ordered himself beaten for failing to make crystal glass objects
  118. If cow cheese is made from cow's milk, what is dwarven cheese made of?
  119. Bugs are opportunities to cause unprecedented amounts of destruction. --Zorgn
  120. "You know, Urist, you've got a mind like an +Ash Trap+."--Destor
  121. Zander J: "Is there a way to stop immigration without setting the population cap?"
    Yanlin: "Magma."
  122. An animal trainer just suddenly stopped working and hid himself in a workshop. He's probably going to make a wardog out of rock and goblin skulls.
  123. Bug 000597 [creatures] - flying creatures give birth in midair, leading to tragedy.
  124. Urdim Kutamèrith, Pump Operator, has created Rakusttenshed, a Glumprong blowgun!
    Urdim, you are a freaking idiot.
  125. <Forkez> I don't get the game, but I do get that tunnels flooded with water is a bad thing.
  126. "If you give a dwarf a fire, he will be warm for a night. If you set a dwarf on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life."
  127. "Since the Elves said they won't let me cut down any trees, I bought 50 of their logs instead."
  128. Do not make a trading race that breathes fire.

  129. Dwarf Fortress: Because burning elves are funny.
  130. The carp has drowned.
  131. There's one thing a dwarf needs, and that's stones. And alcohol... and magma... but mainly stones.
  132. "I swear to god once I saw a dwarf who was labeled as being Strong, Very Agile, Very Tough... and Clean. But it was probably just a bad dream."
  133. Bug 000871 [projectiles] - babies fall to death when born on stairs
  134. Bug 001031 [adventure mode][inventory] - a merchant pack animal caught at an old dwarf site during adv mode was wearing a full set of clothes
  135. "Magma solves everything. Fire just ruins the booze." -sonerohi
  136. Look, there are roving clumps of sentient lava outside, ... This isn't going to get better. --PTTG??
  137. ...and the only surviving dwarf is a noble who has mandated the construction of crowns and clear glass items to the empty halls. --PTTG??
  138. Adil Idenlocun is conflicted: "When possible he prefers to consume purring maggot, Dwarven ale and Dwarven syrup. He absolutely detests purring maggots."
  139. Urdim Zatinod has been quite content lately. She has lost an annoying friend to tragedy lately.
  140. I added two levers. One opens the magma. The other sets free all the cats. --Someone in Headshoots
  141. "As Manbaspecut, Human Merchant is stricken by melancholy!" "Muskox has gone stark raving mad!" I think something is wrong with the human caravan...
  142. "Somebody needs to build an active volcano inside a fortress inside an active volcano." --Boksi
  143. It has stats. It can be killed.
  144. Bug 000432 [dwarf mode][items] - Bones pop out of coffins.
  145. Thanks. I wish I had known that about three forts ago.
  146. If I remembered what the damn lever did, I'd pull it! <...pulls lever anyway...>
  147. Sarvesh Ralrubal likes olivine, olivine and olivine.
  148. "So let me get this straight. We managed to destroy a dwarven civilization while only managing a single town??"
  149. Kara Mase, the Glory of Amusing: Engraved on the wall is an image of a dwarf and an elf. The dwarf is committing a depraved act on the elf.
  150. Once saw a water skin with red beryl spikes. I still wonder how you would drink from that.
  151. Watching a kobold thief be chased by batman is very satisfying.
  152. Kol Tölunimush has been ecstatic lately. He killed somebody by accident while sparring recently. He took joy in slaughter lately. He has lost a lover to tragedy lately. He has witnessed death. He had a satisfying sparring session recently.
  153. Mew?
  154. "If Dwarf Fortress geology is to be believed, then the Earth's core is made of microcline and demons."
  155. 'They're firing arrows at us! Quickly! Raise the babies!!' -Urdim McSquadLeader, mother of 8
  156. It started raining, then all my dwarves outside started bleeding to death. On inspection their upper bodies were missing.
  157. It seems that a fresh recruit given a crossbow and a quiver with ammo in it will opt to run up to the enemy and bash them with the crossbow.
  158. Bug introduced in the latest version: Fire men can have their flames severed. These flames then just lie around the place.
  159. You stab Iron Man in the right leg from behind with your adamantine short sword, breaking away a piece of the gas and shattering the iron!
    The Beak Dog is caught in a burst of Iron Man gas!
    Beak Dog vomits into the Iron Man gas.
  160. Urist McDairy, Milker cancels store item in stockpile: handling dangerous creature
  161. Ildomushat, Fish Cleaner, cancels Clean Self: Could not find path.
  162. Losing is Fun!!!
    --The motto of Dwarf Fortress
  163. I hate walking under dwarven archways. You never know how many mechanized crossbows they have hidden underneath those damn things.
  164. "Bibo ergo sum. I drink, therefore I am."
    -- Dwarven Philosopher
  165. This is a menacing iron spike. This object menaces with spikes of iron.
  166. Kogsak is a deity of The Helpful Diamond. Kogsak most often takes the form of a dwarf and is associated with fortresses.
  167. The Forgotten Beast pushes The Wrestler in the head, bruising the muscle, driving the skull through the brain, and tearing apart the brain! The Wrestler has been struck down!
  168. Goblin Chops at the Diagnostician in the right leg, damaging the muscle! Urist McHouse is Unconscious!
  169. Limul Itebdesis, trader has been Possessed. Limul Itebdesis, trader has created Stodir Isethlolor, a Mortgage-Backed Security!
  170. The heart wound ended up being a guy getting shot in the arm, dropping his crossbow, running over to the opposing line, and jabbing his stack of bolts into somebody's chest.
  171. Giant mole has stolen a preserved prepared giant mole lung!
    "Hey, I want my grandfather back!"
  172. "You must construct additional barrels!" - User:Speed112
  173. All I want is a major river next to a volcano with flux, sand and bituminous coal.
  174. Do not taunt magma.
  175. I bury my pets in gold coffins and my nobles in wood coffins. Pets before people, I say.--KingAuggie
  176. [the cavern] is basically like the surface, except underground
  177. The fortress' randomly generated name was "Greatestfailure".
  178. "You stab the Human Thresher in the mouth with your large copper dagger, tearing the left cheek!" "The large copper dagger has lodged firmly in the wound!"
  179. "The best way to determine how dangerous a fortress is, is to make only one dwarf with the burial job, and nothing else: the lower his social skills, the more dangerous the fortress is - Rhenaya"
  180. "Before retiring in the evening, heed my words and give yourself to volcanos" - Ted Usmokatra, law-giver
  181. Upon coming of age, about 8, Urist McYoung made an artifact, became mayor and promptly mandated the construction of slade goods.
  182. Dwarf Fortress: You've already lost.
  183. A sober fortress makes even a mental hospital seem like a pleasant place to live.
  184. A typical Dwarven nightmare consists of running out of booze or getting a beard lopped off in an accident.
  185. There are two ways of dealing with goblins in a tree. One is by marksdwarves. The other is by flooding the world with magma.
  186. Portal and Dwarf Fortress share a mystical trend. It is !!Science!!.
  187. The only time I ever saw the stupid thing fly, was to cross the aqueduct, to the beer hall. -- Fredd
  188. (On artifacts) I got a flint door, called The Noiseless Odors. -- Nyxalinth
  189. So apparently she became queen before becoming a twilight freak wife. Fascinating. -- Samuel
  190. Got a few barrels of beetle ichor and duck blood, gave some pig cheese in exchange. Made a present of three coffins to the queen.
  191. The Sasquatch corpse has lodged firmly in the wound! The goblin has been struck down!
  192. [22:57:46] <Dik_> How do I wash myself up from blood?
    [23:06:20] <Dik_> How the fuck do I get out of the river?
  193. No, you're not getting that leg back. In fact, that creature over there is going to pick your leg up and beat you to death with it. You won't respawn.
  194. My refuse pile just woke up and ate my dwarves, who in turn got up themselves and started eating the other dwarves.
  195. Bug 2264 - Adv. Mode travel (near oceans) teleports player underground and turns them into an underground creature
  196. Bug 5921 - Biting dwarves in minecarts infinitely increases combat range
  197. Fort flooded. So that's what an aquifer is. -- Exelixi
  198. Axedwarf looks surprised by the ferocity of Spearmasters onslaught. Spearmaster charges at Axedwarf. Spearmaster stabs axedwarf in the left eye with his +Adamantine spear+, lightly tapping the target.
  199. In 4, the Castle of Fortune of the Tombs of Gold constructed the Hell of Taxing in Entrancedcrafts.
  200. Mukca: Seek this place and kill Cenäth Certaindrives the giant.
    Knowing no mercy, Cenäth stole Fisher berry wine!
  201. We shall build a tower so tall, we will mine the very stars themselves!
  202. Ingish Såkzulbomrek, Miner cancels Report Crime: Dangerous terrain.
  203. You have struck limonite! Oddom Nishdanman, Furnace Operator cancels Smelt Limonite Ore: needs limonite.
  204. Bug 4753 [Creatures]: Rodent men have no skin
  205. Bug 0040 [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items]: "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item: Needs 10000 plant cloth"
  206. Bug 5531 [Creatures]: Legless animal men can kick
  207. Bug 1588 [Creatures]: Creature with 1 eye and 2 eyelids
  208. "This is my reward for not letting us all die. I have to deal with the Nobility."
    -- Captain Ironblood, the mayor of Nist Akath
  209. I'd like to think they bonded over their sinister ancestors (or the strange childhood coincidence of having younger siblings gobbled up by different werebuffalo in the same year).
  210. They just walk around without a head until they realize that they should suffocate. -- Urist Da Vinci
  211. You monster! Killing too many children at once will make everyone sad. You need to kill them slowly so nobody notices.
  212. Dwarven... "Child Care": It's like regular childcare, except with more dogs, and less care.
  213. You: How have things been? Tulon Tunlikot, Mayor: Well, let's see... we've got the army on the march, beasts, bandits and bone-chilling horror.
  214. Bug 6722: Manager climbs a tree instead of going to office when management jobs are assigned
  215. Bug 5971: Fat dwarves eating causes lag
  216. Bug 6817: "Behold, mortal. I am a diving being."
  217. It was inevitable.
  218. Weresquirrel Ceru Uzushimdo has come! A large Squirrel twisted into humanoid form. It is crazed for blood and flesh. Its eyes glow orange. Its sandy taupe hair is very curly. Now you will know why you fear the night.
  219. I don't think the Elves in my DF game are too happy... I've modded them so that their body temperature causes nearby trees to burst into flames. --Evil One
  220. Dwarf Fortress: Teaching methods of genocide against merpeople because their bones are worth 6000☼.
  221. No one has gone missing or died. The year is still young.
  222. From release notes 0.40.11: Stopped overuse of plant structure tag causing people to say they preferred to eat trees
  223. The game actually has a first-person message about being scuttled, just in case you should happen to be playing as a wagon. --Halfling
  224. Engraved on the wall is a well-designed image of a dwarf and hamsters. The dwarf is surrounded by the hamsters. The dwarf looks terrified.
  225. Spring is coming, oh no, prepare the coffins! --Garath
  226. Welcome to Dwarf Fortress. Where peaceful death of old age is something nobody sees coming. --Sirbug
  227. "I died." "The Weather looks to be fine today." "I heard that I died."
  228. Large mobs of groundhogs can still kill things they wouldn't normally kill.
  229. You punch Human 2 in the right eye from behind with your left hand and the injured part explodes into gore!
    Human 2: Greetings. My name is Human 2.
  230. Chopping down the tree [is] effective, insofar as you do not care whether the dwarves live or die.
  231. Knowing no mercy, Nikot stole a cherry! This vile fiend even murdered Mafi Fanggorge!
  232. Obok Kelzokum is interested near his own fine Bed. "I was near to my own Bed. How incredibly interesting!"
  233. Wait, wait, wait. Why the hell do you have a raven stockpile? --peskyninja
  234. You can modify chickens so that, instead of laying eggs, they lay live bees. Dwarf Fortress: crimes against nature simulator. --TVTropes
  235. Ah well. Who knew the first Dwarf to go to space was a useless fisherdwarf.
  236. I launched 4 dwarves into the air with a bridge and only 3 came down.
  237. If you are working with central heating, make sure the "hot" pipe and the "cold" pipe don't mix, or your heating system will likely not work as intended.
  238. It's no longer called magma when it reaches the surface... and melts a hundred goblins.
  239. Dwarves are like squirrels, but instead of acorns it's booze.
  240. Carp are to be feared, worshipped, and roasted with magma.
  241. It's easier to buy out a caravan than it is to take the time to shop.
  242. I had a fortress where roughly 90% of the engravings were of buckets, buckets surrounded by dwarves, and buckets surrounded by screaming dwarves. --taran
  243. Led Zanzustash dove into the rapids, and climbed out a day later. He had several injuries, some broken bones, and a missing finger, but he had done it: he saved a barrel of booze that was nearly destroyed (the baby died).
  244. "In a time before time, I killed me." -Human with nothing else to gossip about
  245. There is currently a minor problem in that the veteran demons fighting in the corpse factory have failed to die in the 2 year battle and have become legendary unkillable gods of war. I may have misjudged this possible outcome. -- Loud Whispers
  246. Added the Giant Adder to dwarven menu. --TheCrazyHamsteR
  247. "What's the purpose of adding feather trees to the game? To make good pillows", I think. --TheCrazyHamsteR
  248. In a time before time, somebody attacked somebody.
  249. Dwarf Fortress: Respawning after death is even more fun.
  250. "I tried to carve 'god hates this place' into the mountain. Unfortunately, Athlete's footnote got stuck in the 'a' of 'place' and starved to death"
  251. The resulting party killed 20 dwarves, crippled 2 more and the remaining 9 managed to get along and have a nice party.
  252. If your dwarves start melting or slugmen explode whenever it rains, then it's a good indication it's too hot. --UberNube
  253. What you see as an increase in population, the surrounding beasts simply see as a more stable food supply. --Taupe, DoomForests
  254. That's right, the undead ravens killed the entirety of the hidden fun stuff. --Loud Whispers
  255. "Astesh Savotsazir, Stray Kitten (Tame) has adopted Ingish Rimtaruzol, Siege Engineer."
  256. Dwarf Fortress, flinging dwarves into space using a drawbridge since 2006.
  257. Sometimes the best trophy is your own head.
  258. I like to think that the other pole [of the world] was destroyed by a dwarven experiment gone right. --GMDev
  259. Unfortunately for Urist McDeadman, the budget no longer allowed for personal mausoleums for every dwarf, as had previously been standard.
  260. Nil Aliscatten cancels make Charcoal: dangerous terrain.
  261. A Kobold Thief has made off with +Kobold Cage+!
  263. "In the early spring of 500, the rain monster was struck down by the banshee of drought Scrapedrent in The Hellish Marshes."
  264. Deler Kulinkeskal, Weaver is exhilarated after being attacked. "I was attacked. How exhilarating!"
  265. I wonder how the elves can eat these... *licks a leaf*
  266. Well, someone already managed to drink their sword.
  267. How is my dining room possibly this full of badgers? -Skid
  268. I just drafted a Llama into my army and it already killed a roc by itself. -Ashameron
  269. Bug 8977 [Diplomacy] -- Merchant caravans get stuck in tree.
  270. Each time a pile of wool becomes alive and attacks my dwarves I think it doesn't want to end as worn clothes. --TheCrazyHamsteR
  271. Erith also gets kudos for killing a demon by eating it to death. --Loud Whispers
  272. I (somehow) wield a marble coffin that I fill with the corpses of all I have slain (to make an already heavy object even heavier) in one hand, and the other holds a book made out of fucking platinum. The book can crush skulls, and the coffin grows ever stronger and now that it has a few dead dragons in it, it sends people flying a mile backwards to explode in a pile of gore. Gore which I then place into the coffin. -- Wwolin
  273. Jump into a deep pit and let your body experience overwhelming kinetic energy. --TheCrazyHamsteR
  274. The Herbalist has become enraged!
    Kadol Imushothil, Herbalist: "I got into an argument with Kol Kissrazors. I am so angry!"
  275. Stozu Ägusnodub, Goblin Woodcutter (to Dang Kutsmobnozam, Goblin Diagnoser): "Not a half hour ago I attacked me."
  276. Some migrants have arrived, despite the danger.
  277. "Mestthos Savotsazir, baby, has been missing for weeks!" And the babysitter still got paid.
  278. My miner gets scared by a ghost, climbs a tree, the ghost cuts off his arm, he's stuck in the tree, my woodcutter cuts down the tree, and then my miner is crippled for the rest of his life.
  279. Guys seriously, no food in the library! I'm mainly talking to you Urist McDonothingbutdrinkmyboozeandeatmyfood!
  280. Losing is fun they said, it's the whole point they said.
  281. martinuzz (on the election of his sole elven-citizen to the position of mayor): 'I think I just lost the game. EDIT: wow, just wow. Her only social skill is "Master Intimidator" all other social skills are dabbling. "ELECT ME OR I EAT YOU AND EXCRETE YOUR DIGESTED REMAINS ON MY ANCESTRAL TREE AS FERTILIZER"'
  282. Zebna ámbekat Rashedezif Ethba, Werecoyote: *kills a dwarf* "Death... This is truly horrifying..." *kills another dwarf*
  283. Spearman: Greetings. My name is Kakpoth. This servant of TRANS_NAME] greets you.
  284. "ERMAHGAWD IM SO DRUNK" - Some sober human in my tavern
  285. Human Farmer: Is that a weapon? What's going on?!
    Human Animal Caretaker (to Human Farmer): Just now Dur Leaderevens was slain by Olum Senserampaged the Fords of Passing.
  286. Where did all of these chinchilla corpses come from?
  287. Are bar brawls typically lethal? 15 dead already. --flabort
  288. The mechanics and logistics of milking a kangaroo sound excruciatingly painful for everyone involved.
  289. The Carpenter 'Jesus Christ' Thikutdesis and The Farmer 'Moses' Ezumethab have married!
  290. In the early summer of 129, Ducim Stafftender married a hen.
  292. 'David' Vabokkubuk felt euphoric due to inebriation.
  293. I visited a town to kill a vampire with 98 kills. Every time I attempted to kill him he would run away and return after about 5 minutes. Every attempt caused locals to attack me and I ended up killing 12 people before getting my head impaled by a sword and died. The vampire was unharmed.
  294. The mayor has made 9 mandates in a row requesting the construction of catapult parts. Now he is prohibiting the export of all catapult parts.
  295. One of the children in my fortress became a legendary wood crafter due to a fey mood. He is also only 2 years old.
  296. "Necromancy is sort of like Jaywalking. It's not illegal, just frowned upon." - Dwarfy
  297. Urist McWimp, Hunter cancels Return Kill: Interrupted by a chinchilla.
  298. Dear Urist McEngineer, If you become drowsy, please wait to finish constructing your hallway of large serrated disc death BEFORE you take a nap. Your bloody, gibbed corpse will be stowed away in the refuse stockpile. --bigjaredmonkey, in the "Note to Urist" topic.
  299. I once got sieged by an army of toads lead by a pyromancer. Not toadmen, not giant toads, but toads. The kind cats murder. -- Splint
  300. Giant cave toads may appear as mounts during a goblin attack, where they will happily swim their way into your fortress via any unprotected waterways. If the underwater path is short enough sometimes their goblin riders even survive the trip.
  301. Is that npc humping a table?
  302. Spill the intestines of your enemy, cut them off and keep as a stinking trophy. The smell makes you feel nausea? You are not even a half as nauseous as your victim is now.
  303. a migrant with skills in surgery, butchery and bonecarving.
    i can see how thos skills suppliment each other. synergies --Scruffy, !!DRUNK FORTRESS!!
  304. A Goblin Siege? Good, we were starting to run out of clothes.
  305. Prepared food! What do you mean prepared food?! You mean you aren't content with squatting in a dank cavern gnawing on a cold uncooked mushroom?
  306. A book called Into the Elf, sounds like a rip off of Fifty Shades of Gabbro.
  307. As a necromancer, I realize not many people try cocaine, most of those people reincarnate for that very reason.
  308. Bug 9371 [Adventure Mode -- Eating/Drinking] The Human Pikeman Necromancer drinks the «≡steel toy hammer≡».
  309. Bug 2484: Eight-legged quadruped
  310. Bug 9832: Overuse of casesura and reversal in poetic forms
  311. [Bug fix] Made gorlaks able to open doors, stopped desizing of their heads.
  312. Bug 4681: A dwarf with a fell mood grabbed a ghost. It didn't get the required materials, so it grabbed another one.
  313. "You read Misconceptions About Reproduction."
    The written portion consists of a 69 page manual entitled Misconceptions About Reproduction, authored by Lali Mobblazes.
    It concerns the reproductive behavior of creatures. The writing is quite self-indulgent. Overall, the prose is not awful, but not very good either.
  314. My adventurer found a horse. I knew you couldn't ride horses so I decided to attack it for its meat. {The horse hoof strikes Ehil Casketfrgrance in the head, and the severed part sails off in arc!}
  315. Acik Citudubmith, Werewarthog: I have improved my wrestling. That was very satisfying! (...) The speardwarf stabs the werewarthog in the neck with her ({bismuth bronze spear}) and the severed part sails off in an arc! ~instant karma
  316. Pre-alpha in-dev release.
    "Nobody on the DFHack team accepts any responsibility for anything that this program causes. It is liable to be very unstable." --japa
  317. It is terrifying.
  318. "Can you tell me where I can find me?"
    "I don't know, and I don't know anybody that could tell you."
  319. While getting ground and pounded by a ranger, I seize him by the throat and place a chokehold, his response being to frantically punch and scratch me. Then, as we sit in a pool of our own blood frantically trying to kill one another, my opponent then looks me in the eyes and says: "Greetings. My name is Kamven Trustsystem. Let's not hurt anybody."
  320. A horse just grabbed me by the nose with it's front leg and threw me. I wish I knew horse Judo...
  321. Throwing a coat at an enemy tears their leg apart, bruising ligaments and tendons and forcing him to the ground, effectively doing more damage then if I had hacked him with an axe. Eh, seems legit.
  322. Human 2 (to Human 1): I died. It was inevitable.
  323. Dwarf Fortress isn't Dwarf Fortress unless your Trade Depot is inexplicably covered in vomit
  324. Tantrum: If you can't stand your life anymore, come for treatment to the elephants. They'll gladly understand.
  325. Gelu Blossomedstenches the Ripe Sucker of Sacks is a marsh titan. It is the only one of its kind. A great one-eyed six-legged ankylosaurid, it has an austere look about it. Its periwinkle scales are round and close-set. Beware its fire! Gelu is associated with water, plants, nature, muck and animals.
  326. Bug 3299: [Animal Populations] Blind cave bears have front toes on both front and rear feet
  327. Bug 2790: [Creatures] Alligators needlessly use specific toes
  328. Bug 6498: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Zombies start conversation with necromancer adventurer who tries to sleep in their house
  329. You get used to it. I, I don't even see the ASCII. All I see is dwarf, *floodgate*, plump helmet spawn...
  330. Bug 9763 - [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Dwarf missing upper body, but still alive.
  331. "I plan on breeding an entire race of subservient animal people, who will comprise the main workforce of my fortress (not to mention the military)." --High_king_of_Numenor
  332. "Whenever I torture someone [in Adventure Mode], I like to 'slug' them. I remove their ears, nose, teeth, and tongue, and break both of their legs. I call it "slugging" because all they can do is crawl around on the floor and cry. Then I like to follow them around and talk to them about the weather." -- paroonshark
  333. "My dorfs leave this world the way they came into it: naked, screaming, and on fire." -- speedster217
  334. PROTIP: Make sure to melt all the fat off your body so fire-spewing enemies can't hurt you.
  335. "I see no downside towards making your own child execution chamber." -- aidantheman18
  336. "I feel like in DF that beating an elf to death with his own infant is considered polite discussion." -- loercase
  337. "My mayor just punched 20 zombies to death" -- Madrawn
  338. "What's the easiest way to murder children?" -- Russki
  339. "I like to play with my food, starting with the fingers, toes, lips, ears, teeth, eyes, nose, then just randomly stabbing them until they bleed out" -- DwarfTower
  340. Death... I am not upset by this.
  341. "I made a giant statue of a dog entirely out of dog soap. It took nearly 10 years." -- Ironfang
  342. "A mix between Children of Men, City of Ember, and, uh, magma."
  343. "Spearmaster stabs the Troglodyte in the left eyelid from behind with his -bronze spear-, tearing the skin!"
  344. This is a stack of 20 masterfully prepared plump helmet roast. The ingredients are masterfully minced plump helmet, masterfully minced plump helmet, masterfully minced plump helmet and masterfully minced plump helmet.
  345. Once you have entire squads of legendary axedwarves, the game changes. When a forgotten beast attacks your fortress, your first thought is: 'Ooh, we're gonna get some NICE bone bracelets outta this!'
  346. "So I embark. Immediately upon unpausing, the wagon bursts into flames and kills one of my miners." --_Naptune_
  347. Bug 9267: Traders bring magma in bags
  348. Bug 1701: HFS Critters attempting to clean self
  349. "Those rivers are out to get you. Why do you think you can't fast travel across them? Because it's an ambush!" -- Uzu Bash
  350. "Ok, so one of the merchants who does nothing in this fortress whatsoever is hunting, that's the one who's hunting, not the 50 hunters I have in the fortress but the useless merchant, of course." -Kruggsmash.
  351. "If a site with outcasts hiding in it is conquered, the outcasts are treated like members of the defending site. This can lead to expected things like sewer werebeasts getting crucified. However, it can also make a giant alligator flee the attacking army, wandering the wilderness for a few years before deciding to become a dancer and moving to the city. The giant alligator later remembered itself and went back to attacking villages."-TheFlame52
  352. "Now, Throw it in the pile and get back to work." Kruggsmash
  353. "Horse is hopping up and down on your mutilated body. you are deceased."
  354. "I went to a human town one day that had one of those open markets, and every one of the merchants there was a dingo man, and they are were all saying "In a time before time I attacked me." to every one around them." -- King Zultan
  355. “Still, I'm curious about just what exactly drives the cohesion and otherwise lack of dickery. Is a hatred of elves and love of mushrooms really enough? Could this be the foundation for world peace?” — Immortal-D
  356. apparently some of my children like to play inside the barracks, upon inspection they were all skilled axedwarves.
  357. "And there they go to the capital, with their wagons full of Delersholid's balls" -Kruggsmash
  358. I wish there were tags to follow certain materials so I can mod in that thing from Stranger Things
  359. Bug 10350: Horses have objects of worship
  360. Meanwhile, bugs used as melee weapons sustain no wear at all, having tested this by using a live slug to punch a dwarf in the stomach long enough to make him explode. - Bug Report #0009920
  361. Bug 8779: Adventurer encounters naked, mute, hostile dwarven expedition leader
  362. Bug 10485: Dwarf recruit insane for 33 years standing around in the wilderness, formed friendship after insanity
  363. "STEALTH WEREMAMMOTHS??!!" -- Dunamisdeos
  364. High-cheekbones kobold wrestler (to the high-voiced kobold spearman): Identify yourself!
    High-voiced kobold spearman (to the high-cheekbones kobold wrestler): Identify yourself!
    High-cheekbones kobold wrestler (to the high-voiced kobold spearman): Identify yourself!
  365. You drink the lye.
    You feel really full.
    You drink the lye.
    It's too much, you might not be able to keep it down!
    You vomit.
    You drink the lye.
  366. I have a fort that is now a mountainhome. The king "doesn't really care about the law".
  367. Currently I am being attacked by a giant 3-eyed stick insect and a scaly, winged, blue snail. What an awesome game!
  368. In a siege I stationed my marksdwarves at the top of my wall to fire out of the fortifications. Everything was going great until they decided it would be a good idea to jump OVER the fortifications, off the wall, and into the enemy axedwarves.
  369. In the middle of a fight with a forgotten beast my axelord walked off to "Store Item in Stockpile".
  370. I may or may not have entirely filled the cavern with water. . .
  371. Hey! Why can't I trade right now? Where is my trader? Oh. Unconscious with last thought being "Euphoric after drinking". Hangover?
  372. The dwarven baby has long clean-shaven sideburns and a very long mustache and prefers dwarven beer or ale.
  373. The plum wood logs strikes the woodcutter in the left upper leg and the injured part is smashed into the body, an unrecognizable mess! An artery has been opened in the attack! The woodcutter slams into an obstacle!
  374. No, that's disgusting.
  375. There is a new King of Beasts, and its name is Badger. Tremble before it. -- Unintelligent
  376. An ambush! Curse all friends of nature!
  377. The last fortress I started under conditions this horrible ended with the last survivor going mad after a skeletal mandrill ate his pet kitten and going on a suicide charge into zombie elefants while naked and on fire.
  378. "I got into an argument with a cat. That was very exhilarating!"
  379. It is a blessing as much as it is depressing that you can drink your own tears.
  380. "One time, a horde of Monkeys doomed my Dwarves by stealing their supplies in mass. They died that night."
  381. "So I had my brewer go out to pick some fruits from the nearby trees to use for some quick booze production to kick start my newest fortress, but while he was standing on his stepladder he suddenly became thirsty. / I did whatever I could to try and save him, but he inevitably died of dehydration and then fell face-first into the ground off his stepladder." -Urist commenting on "Ladderbound".
  382. "Dude, anything's possible with enough work, time, and lots of alcohol." -Dummy rambling about multiplayer.
  383. "The saddest part about this game is that it was always inevitable." -Some Nerd
  384. You attack the Obese Dwarven Child in the lower body with your *Iron War Hammer* but the attack glances away!
    Obese Dwarven Child: I feel so good!
  385. \
  386. Reg Abiriton enjoys carving buckets. He has carved an image of a bucket in hematite, an image of two buckets in obsidian, and an image of three buckets in sulphur.
  387. Segfaults in under 1min. Extermination of Gencesh Anurlem the law-giver prevents it. The mad lad is wearing gabbro blocks x3, sweet pods [4], rotten creepy crawler remains, dimple cups [7] and an exceptional iron pipe section (may vary). - Bug Report #0010499
  388. The Wereass Lara Rifayivu Enefilece has come! A Large ass twisted into humanoid form. It is crazed for blood and flesh. Its eyes glow mahogany. Its brown hair is unkempt. Now you will know why you fear the night.
  389. "[…] The dwarf 'Pasal' Hatchedbody led the attack, and the defenders were led by a troll. […] The dwarf 'Pasal' Hatchedbody outmatched a troll with a cunning plan."
  390. "Fucking SLAVES! Get your Beards Back here!" -Armok Upon being Chained and having his Adamantine stolen by dwarves.
  391. Playing a brown recluse spider man, boogeyman don't attack them. Decided to dance and they danced with me. They think im a shit story teller. -- Sabata11792
  392. Bug 11106 [adventure mode][General] Adventurer suddenly turned into a chinchilla
  393. Bug 11074 Infinitely dripping pets?
  394. Bug 11095 Statue of Pet Sheep Shows Sheep Owning Dwarf
  395. Related Historical Figures: Rope, object of worship
  396. "We need more fatal beatings!" -Doxazo
  397. "I've been wounded. No, that's not annoying." -Rakust Beradil
  398. "I'm flooding my fortress because I've decided enough is enough. On the plus side, my mist generator is working now." -Doxazo
  399. ""I had a bath. I'm very content" (The dwarf who plugged an aquifer (11x11 plug)-- which event displaced so much water so suddenly, that it threw him into the air, had him briefly unconscious and left him stunned and with an injured leg.)"
  400. There is nothing to catch in the volcano.
  401. A section of the cavern has collapsed!
    The miner slams into an obstacle!
    The two-legged rhino lizard Remains strikes the miner in the neck and the injured part is smashed into the body, an unrecognizable mass!
  402. Zasit Dastotamud, Diagnoser cancels Clean: Dangerous terrain
  403. The Cat is sparring.
  404. Bug 11333: Cats can be interrogated.
  405. This is a Silver Slab. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. The slab reads: "I am Urist, once of the underworld. By Busla, I bind myself to this place."
  406. "This is a dwarf. The dwarf is dead. The dwarf is also laughing." -Kruggsmash
  407. Bug 11470: Slow white stork woman causing mayor to be stuck in office
  408. Bug 11481: Dwarf eats mud left from mud man
  409. Bug 10519: (Almost) unkillable zombie made when raising corpse of curling hedgehog man
  410. Bug 11490: Visitors giving birth during visit leave their baby behind
  411. 'Beatitudo est perdere'
  412. "I think bridges are a good murder weapon. Over 20 dead and also not a bad way to dispose of babbling lunatics."
  413. Losing is fun, but frustration is not.
  414. Bug 9486: Building Destroyer visitors destroy the tavern
  415. Filth is one of the more obscure materials present within the game code. It comes in two varieties: solid brown and liquid yellow filth.” --this wiki on filth, 2020-10-28.
  416. "One thing right off the bat, we discovered immortality and literal reincarnation. Not sure how but cool."
  417. "ya dun stole ma battly axe!"
  418. "In the early spring of 38, The Fondled Demon accepted an offer of peace from the Chaste Skirts."
  419. "This is one of those games that you have to get better at losing before you can get better at winning." Uzu Bash (talk)
  420. I had a number of long-term residents, but then a visiting poet turned into a werepanther and ate everybody. Such is life.
  421. Embark with 3000 units of meat. ―Bug 4592
  422. Dwarf Fortress: Where creatures of the night are nice enough to politely greet you before kicking you in the head and exploding it into gore.
  423. Oh breachnig the volcano msfired completely. HOpe I idnt kill too many there.,... Still don't knww where my miners went. - Drunk Siquo
  424. In the year 12, Afe Lizardsun slew the desert titan Oslo with a peach wood branch.
  425. I think I might have broken something, because my dwarves are wearing gauntlets on their mouths.
  426. The siege is broken! We are victorious!!!!! Also, the exterior of the fortress continues to burn.
  427. I wish you the best of luck in retaining consciousness during the next 45 minutes or so..
  428. I maaayyy have accidentally switched some tags and made dwarves bleed from the eyelids when they sweat. Oops.
  429. [A]fter a short jog to the nearest monastery, I became a vampire after blaspheming the gods, and ran back to the ocean. [4]
  430. I just bought out a chunk of a human caravan with wheelbarrows, and then a peasant gave birth in the mountain spring to a girl.
  431. They may appear as mounts during a siege, though it's difficult to take an invader seriously when mounted upon a giant slug. —this wiki on Giant slugs
  432. HIT YOU ELF TO PIECES WITH FIST. — Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal
  433. Hellzon Visitors happily came to the glacier/tundra fort surrounded by howling yetis, and my current evil hills fort where it rains blood every week. But an idyllic beach fortress with waves lapping lazily against the hill fort? Sounds horrible, let's not go there.
  434. Bug 0011905: Writing a book in Arena Mode leads to teleportation to another dimension
  435. You have disrespected the trees in this area, but this is what we have come to expect from your stunted kind. Further abuse cannot be tolerated. Let this be a warning to you.
  436. You want a dwarf? There's your fucking dwarf. You want some better graphics? Fuck you. Dwarves can do lots of stuff. Like digging. Can you dig? Hell no. Play Dwarf Fortress. --TVTropes
  437. He personally is affronted by the whole notion of maintaining decorum and finds so-called dignified people disgusting <after being caught in the rain in 250> He never feels discouraged, after being caught in the rain in 250 --Kogsak Sedillolor, Doctor, and a "horrible accident" waiting to happen
  438. (Tame Slug)... Not a GIANT slug. Just a slug.
  439. "Oh fuck me. I just remembered why you don't do massive groups of pure up/down stairs... my legendary weaponsmith tripped and fell 30 z-levels and crushed his skull at the base of our stair shaft."
  440. "Engraved on the wall is an image of a cubic cube[...]"
  441. PSA: Expel all dwarves hospitalised by werebeasts. That's how you get weregiraffe Hammer Lords to suddenly pop up in your fort.
  442. Name is Urist. I dig, because God told me to. And I'm damn good at it.
  443. You roll, divining the will of Momuz Fatalcrypt the Fated Funeral according to the practice of The Fatal Faith.
    The «sylvite eight-sided long die» lands on the word "burial".
    The situation cannot get worse.