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This article is about the current version of DF.

Filth is one of the more obscure materials present within the game code. It comes in two varieties: solid brown and liquid yellow filth. Randomly generated creatures such as forgotten beasts may occasionally be composed of grime and filth, and it is currently unknown where filth can be encountered otherwise.

Brown filth[edit]

This type of filth is a brown-colored solid. It does not melt, but gradually decomposes in temperatures above 10180 °U . It has a density of 1200, slightly higher than water.

Yellow filth[edit]

Yellow-colored filth is a liquid that freezes at 10000 °U and boils at 10180 °U . It has a density of 920 when frozen and 1000 when liquid, exactly the same as water.

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dwarven poo[edit]

It is true that dwarves do not poop, but they do have other means of....er....removing their waste. A famous dwarven doctor, Urist McIliedHeIsNotFamous, discovered that the average dwarf has an extremely efficient digestive system. Any tiny amount of waste that passed digesting, will then be turned into, you guessed it, beard hair.

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