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· Learns · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed

Child at: 1
Adult at: 12
Max age: 150-170
Rotting leaves
Bones 6
Skulls 1

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarves are "intelligent" humanoid creatures that live in fortresses carved from mountains. They are the featured race of fortress mode and are also one of the races playable in adventurer mode. They are mainly interested in acquiring wealth and rare metals, especially adamantine. They are alcohol dependent and work slowly if deprived of it for long. Their most hated enemies are the goblins.

Dwarven children become adults at their twelfth birthday.

In accounts of exploits or fun, the generic name Urist is sometimes used in place of any specific dwarf name. Several nicknames for dwarves also exist; one of the more common is dorf*, but there are others that are less polite.

Dwarves in Fortress Mode[edit]

Dwarves are a trading race and will send a caravan every year in the fall. Immigrants will be attracted to your fortress as your wealth grows, prompted by the stories of your wealth and the goods that the dwarven traders bring back from your fortress. Dwarves die at around 150-170 years of age.

Once you have a bookkeeper, a Dwarven outpost liaison (and later, a city liaison) will arrive with the fall caravan every year. You may request seeds (specifically, individual plump helmet spawn), anvils, or picks from the liaison, which will arrive with the following year's caravan if the liaison makes it home alive.

Dwarves in Adventure Mode[edit]

Dwarven characters always start with iron weapons and armor, making them the best-equipped race. Unfortunately, human armor is too large for them to wear, and humans are the only race with shops, so all armor upgrades will have to come from looting dwarven fortresses, most likely your own; since weapons and shields do not have inherent sizes, you can buy upgrades from humans.

Dwarves have the highest natural armor of the adventuring races, at +1, but are one size smaller than elves and humans, so they cause less damage and absorb less damage. Dwarves are the only race that sometimes enters a martial trance when beset by many foes, which gives them combat bonuses.