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This article is about an older version of DF.

A sculpture garden is a room defined from a statue. They act as meeting places for dwarves and tame animals, causing them to gather there when idle. When dwarves take a break in a sculpture garden, they will admire any built furniture in the room - therefore, you should define the room from a high quality statue and likewise place other high value furniture in the room. When viewing a dwarf's thoughts, any admired furniture within a sculpture garden will be 'tastefully arranged', giving them twice the happiness bonus they would normally get. Occasionally an idle dwarf will host a party at the statue, and dwarves who attend will have a chance to make friends.

[edit] Disadvantages

The major problem with setting up a sculpture garden is that it will encourage your dwarves to throw parties. While parties have some virtues, they are generally regarded as a waste of important labor time. Fortunately, parties started at a sculpture garden are easily stopped. Simply free the room, and the party is over.

[edit] Advantages

Despite the problem with parties, there are some definite advantages to be had from sculpture gardens, especially when augmented by other things beloved of dwarves. A garden tends to be the favorite play area of dwarven children and off-duty soldiers, which makes it much more likely that a soldier will be handy when a goblin snatcher shows up. Combined with the extra spot checks from all the farm animals loitering there, a garden turns out to be a remarkably safe place.

Gardens are an excellent place to install some types of artifact furniture, since the dwarves will loiter there and have a greater chance of observing the magnificent creation. Even if an artifact floodgate is not blocking any fluid, dwarves still enjoy seeing it in built in the middle of a garden. With a few miscellaneous masterwork objects (levers, weapon racks, etc.) a trip to the garden can easily make a dwarf's year -- and happy dwarves are hard-working dwarves.

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