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This article is about an older version of DF.
(If looking for a throne room, see office.)

A throne, chair or seat is a piece of furniture that dwarves use in their daily routines. A chair can be made from wood in a carpenter's workshop by a dwarf with the carpentry labor, stone in a mason's workshop with masonry, metal in a forge with blacksmithing, or glass at a glass furnace with glassmaking. The material has no effect on its functionality, all thrones work the same. Note that for an equal skill level, wood chairs are produced faster than rock thrones, though different materials have different final base value multipliers.

The build menu option chair will allow you to place thrones/chairs, but only indoors.

Chairs are a standard feature in dining rooms -- each table should have an available adjacent chair to allow dwarves to sit while they eat at that table - if a dwarf is forced to eat standing up, a bad thought will result.

Chairs are also used to create offices for nobles.

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