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Room requirements  
Office Throne Room
Quarters Great Bedroom
Dining room Great Dining Room
Tomb Mausoleum
Furniture requirements
Chests 3
Cabinets 2
Weapon racks 2
Armor stands 2
Mandates 2
Demands 3
Arrival conditions
  • 20 Population
  • 200 000☼ Produced wealth
  • 20 000☼ Exported wealth
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The position of count is the next step up from baron; once a player achieves certain requirements the outpost liaison will announce the elevation to a county, and when the liaison leaves the map the promotion will become official. In other words, lands must be a barony before they can be a county. Unlike with the barony offering, the upgrade to county is automatic and cannot be declined (though, should an unfortunate accident befall the liaison then the promotion will be deferred). A count will upgrade to a duke under proper conditions.

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Counts have been known to have long, storied careers as lever-pullers, though some flame out in the geonaut career path. It is not known if vampiric counts are excellent bookkeepers.

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