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23a:Outpost liaison

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This article is about an older version of DF.

The outpost liaison is an emissary from your home civilization. If your liaison dies, you will never get a replacement from that race, so protect him well if you are afraid you might need to request supplies in the future.

As your fortress increases in rank, the liaison's name will change accordingly - for example, once you reach a population of 20, you will receive a Village Liaison, followed by a Town Liaison at population 50 and a City Liaison at population 80. When the King arrives with his entourage and you become a Mountainhome, your liaison will arrive as the royal Advisor and become a permanent member of your fortress, no longer performing his previous duties; if the King arrives due to the discovery of raw adamantine, you will still no longer receive a liaison, even though he may still be at the former mountainhome.

The outpost liaison generally arrives at your road (if you have one), the same as the rest of the Dwarven caravan.


The outpost liaison will speak with the highest ranking noble in your fortress - the duke, count, baron, or mayor. You will be allowed to request that the next year's caravan bring extra picks, anvils, or seeds (generally only plump helmet spawn).

If all of your leaders are dead, the outpost liaison will immediately depart with the message "Diplomacy Stymied - A diplomat has left unhappy". If the leader is too injured to hold a meeting and is not likely to recover in time, then you can arrange for them to have an unfortunate accident so that the liaison can abort the meeting and come back next year.

The full meeting consists of numerous screens with breaks, the breaks giving your leader a welcome opportunity to walk away from the meeting. Don't think you are done until the outpost liaison confirms it and says farewell!

Conducting a meeting in a public place can generate an unhappy thought. Conducting a meeting in the leader's private office can generate a happy thought based on the quality of the room.