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Room requirements  
Office Opulent Throne Room
Quarters Grand Bedroom
Dining room Grand Dining Room
Tomb Grand Mausoleum
Furniture requirements
Chests 5
Cabinets 3
Weapon racks 3
Armor stands 3
Mandates 3
Demands 5
Arrival conditions
  • 20 population
  • 300k created wealth
  • 30k exported wealth

This article is about the current version of DF.

The Duke (or Duchess) is the next step up from a Count. Your county becomes a duchy after reaching certain criteria and meeting with the liaison; once the liaison leaves the map, your Count will be promoted. As with the upgrade to a County, this is automatic and cannot be rejected.

D4Dwarf.png This article or section has been rated D for Dwarf. It may include witty humour, not-so-witty humour, bad humour, in-jokes, and references to the Bay12 forums. Don't believe everything you read, and if you miss some of the references, don't worry. It was inevitable.

It is unknown if they will "Nuke 'em". Such behavior has yet to be observed. They have yet to be observed chewing chewing gum, and it is unknown if the lack of which leads to a tantrum from said noble.

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