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· No Stun

Tamed Attributes
Pet value 38

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Not trainable 

Adult: 1,000 cm3
Butchering returns

Food items

Raw materials

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MDF: v1.31

*TRANSFORMS INTO CREATURES IN WORKSHOPS* *HOSTILE MONSTERS - Colosseum/Arena* A small harmless creature with a gelatinous composition. It moves slowly along the ground and eats moss. Changelings have developed a unique survival mechanism, they can transform themselves into any creature. Some say that they can be trained to transform at will. Great care has to be taken when doing so, since the changeling will adapt the traits of the new creature. If one would turn it into a wild beast, this beast would no doubt attack.


Male Changelings can be purchased at Embark for 20 points, from a Dwarven Caravan for a base value of 38, waiting for a mating pair to generate one, or by catching one in the wild.

Female Changelings can be purchased at Embark for 58 points, from a Dwarven Caravan for a base value of 114, waiting for a mating pair to generate one, or by catching one in the wild.


Changelings are needed for many different reactions, due to their unique ability to transform into almost any creature.

Useful Tips[edit]

Most of the reactions that a Changeling is needed for occur in the Colosseum to spawn a creature for your military to fight. The Changeling will take on ALL of the characteristics of the creature you changed it into, including hostility. See the page for the Colosseum for more information.

At the Alchemist's Laboratory, you can change them into Magmalings and Waterlings, which are used to generate unlimited Magma and Water, respectively. To do so, you will need to pasture the Changeling on the Alchemist's Laboratory, and run the appropriate reaction. This also requires a Blood of Armok gem for Magmalings, or Tear of Armok gem for Waterlings, and a Dwarf with the Alchemist Labor enabled. You will then need to pasture the Magmaling/Waterling where you want the Magma or Water, and then run the appropriate reaction at the Alchemist's Laboratory. To stop them, you will need to run the "Destroy Magma/Waterling" reaction at the Alchemist's Laboratory, which is free. You do not get the Magmaling/Waterling back.

You can turn them into an Armoks ward at the Temple of Armok, which requires a bar of Orichalcum, and a Dwarf with the Praying Labor enabled.

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