Masterwork:Vaporous blood wraith

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Vaporous blood wraith




Building destroyer: Level 1

· Flying · Genderless · No Stun

Cannot be tamed 
Adult: 90,000 cm3
Butchering returns

Food items

Raw materials

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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

A hideous amalgam of disembodied Human organs floats in the air before you - two eyes dangling with bloodied optic cords, a beating heart, and a ragged coil of throbbing entrails. The various parts drift aimlessly in their relative positions in the body, held aloft by a thick crimson mist that forms the faint outline of a malformed Human man. The shroud of fog suffuses the area wherever the being travels, bringing the heavy, copper-tinged taste of blood to your mouth.