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Alignment: Good

· Learns · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed 
Child: 1,500 cm3
Adolescent: 7,500 cm3
Adult: 15,000 cm3
Cannot be butchered
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

A tiny, jolly humanoid creature that dwells in the fair mountains. They often brandish leather clothing and weird glasses. Versed in technology and eccentric in behaviour, they are known for strange inventions and steampowered workshops. Being about the quarter of the size of a dwarf, they cant openly be involved in any conflict out of fear for retaliation, but they might be willing to trade with a particularily wealthy fort.

Gnomes are a playable race in Masterwork Dwarf Fortress. They have the ability to summon pets from the wild through their druidic system, tinker together special high-tech gadgets ranging from clockwork drills and buzzsaws all the way up to ion cannons and railguns, construct clockwork automatons, and create automated factories. Much smaller than a dwarf, they generally rely on their traps, pets, and special weapons to fight off invaders.

Although gnomes can cut down trees and hunt animals, they must remain reasonably friendly with nature to summon wild creatures. They can tame any natural creature on the map using the Nature Shrine, although more valuable creatures are harder to tame. They can also train any pet for hunting and war, and can even teach their warbeasts combat skills using the Advanced Animal Training area. They can also produce adjustable armor that can be fitted onto their war animals.

Gnomish powered machinery is extremely versatile. They can produce factories that automate many different labors, and can chain these factories together to create fully-automatic production lines. However, powered machinery can be dangerous. A careless gnome stepping onto moving equipment may be dragged into the machine and turned into gnome bone furniture! Of course, this can also be used to trap enemies...

The gnomish tinkering process allows them to craft sophisticated items and weapons from simple tools. They have mastered the sciences of electricity and magnetism, and can produce all kinds of gadgets in their Tinker's Workshop. Drills and buzzsaws let them deal huge amounts of damage in melee, while flamethrowers, ion cannons, and railguns let them kill from a distance. Roller skates, rocket boots, steam armor, and clockwork helmets all give them different and varied abilities. These sciences even allow them to produce artificial brains, which can then be used to make robots in the shape of animals ranging from tiny clockwork beetles and cats to giant mechanical dragons.