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Any location


· Learns · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed 
Child: 3,000 cm3
Adolescent: 15,000 cm3
Adult: 60,000 cm3
Cannot be butchered

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MDF: v1.31

A medium-sized creature dedicated to the ruthless protection of nature. Elven nations live in forest retreats and holy circles. They are ruled by their queen, and their armies follow their princess into battle. They possess great powers over wild beasts and natural elements, but are not very versed in the use of metals. If you anger them beware of archer ambushes. It is a good choice to buy warbeasts and special arrows from them, moon- and singing arrows are deadly. Magic potions can be bought as well.

Masterwork elves are very similar to vanilla. They are still very snobbish treehuggers that feel offended whenever you try to trade anything made out of wood with them. However, staying on good terms with the elves is a good thing, since you can ask their diplomats to bring fun creatures to sell your dwarves, such as Forest Spiders (sometimes giant ones), Giant Tigers, Forest Gryphons and Grizzly Bears. They also bring many instruments, tools and weapons made out of mithril, this being the only metal they work with.

Elven caravans now arrive with guards to protect the merchants, frequently with at least 2 forest spiders.

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