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Any location


· Learns · Syndrome · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed 
Child: 15,500 cm3
Adolescent: 65,000 cm3
Adult: 67,500 cm3
Cannot be butchered
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.21

A medium-sized and evil creature, living in matriarchistic underground cities.

Sadistic underground creatures, ruled by one matriarch. Be sure to keep on their good side. No one really knows what exactly the drow want or how big their kingdom is. They do live in underground caverns and tunnel networks, rarely seen on the surface. The only race they trade with are the dwarves, maybe seeing a minor connection between the races, since both live underground. Drow use the fallen bodies of their enemies to create vile magic and will trade more or less anything. Don't be surprised to see cursed gargoyle statues, weapons and armor of a strange, demonic material and similar things. Drow ethics are just plain different from the other higher races. Just watch the incoming caravans, pulled by giant spiders, trade with the hooded, shaded figures, and hope they make it safely back to their fortress. Drow bodyguards can usually fend ambushes off themselves, so don't be too worried about them.

Trading with the Drow can usually be a very good thing. They only work with one metal, bloodsteel, which for most intents and purposes, equal to steel. Like the elves, they also have a good variety of interesting animals, like Giant Blade Spiders and Giant Drowspiders, which can give you infinite silk and even set up defensive cage trap corridors that can get megabeasts.

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