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Bearded cavernkeet



Tamed Attributes
Pet value 36

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Not trainable 

Child: 60 cm3
Adult: 4,000 cm3
Butchering returns

Food items

Raw materials

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MDF: v1.31

A small flightless bird adapted to life climbing and scrabling underground. Its short feathers closely resemble silky colored hairs, with a thick tuft beneath its chin forming a very dwarfy beard.


A Bearded Cavernkeet can be purchased at Embark for 19 points, purchased at a Dwarven Caravan for a base value of 36, bred by allowing a Bearded Cavernkeet Egg to hatch, or by capturing them in the wild.


They are a source of eggs (1-3 per lay), and wool.

Useful Tips[edit]

Being a cheap creature at embark, a few Cavernkeets can compliment your foodstores nicely, allowing you to divert points you would have spent on food to get something else you would otherwise not have been able to purchase. In order to be edible, eggs need to be boiled. A reaction that takes place in the kitchen, and only needs the egg and a Dwarf with the Cooking Labor enabled. In order to collect the eggs, you need to have constructed a Nest Box at one of various workshops (Depending on the material you want the nest box to be made out of), and press 'd,' select Nest Box from the list, and place it somewhere you want. Eventually, one of your Dwarves will place the Nest Box, and your Cavernkeet will automatically begin laying eggs periodically, and your Dwarves will automatically collect and place the eggs on any Stockpile where you've enabled Bearded Cavernkeet Eggs.

Their beards can be shorn once a year for beardwool, a source of yarn. Beardwool is worth triple the normal value of yarn. The reaction that takes place in the Farmers Workshop, and requires a Dwarf with the Shearing Labor enabled. Their wool can be spun into thread at the Farmers Workshop as well, and requires a Dwarf with the Spinning Labor enabled.