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Urist likes flies for their ability to annoy.




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This article is about an older version of DF.
A tiny flying insect found around rotting meat and garbage. These bugs are widely considered to be a nuisance.
Admired for its ability to annoy.

Flies are a type of above ground vermin. They are found in swarms near pools, farms with unpicked food and food stockpiles, and may cause food to rot. Since cats cannot kill flies, the best way to protect against them is to make sure food is not left outside of a container too long. Make sure you have enough barrels and bags to store your food and someone ready to pick food from farms once ready. If there's no food around outside of a container, flies will go away.

Flies have the dubious distinction of being the only vermin that can cause two separate bad thoughts: "Annoyed by flies", which affects the general populace, and "Accosted by terrible vermin", which affects individual dwarves who have a particular antipathy toward flies. However, flies can be also the source of happy thoughts for those dwarves who like flies "for their ability to annoy".

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