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This article is about an older version of DF.

Certain jobs generate noise which disturbs nearby sleeping dwarves. Depending on a job's noise level and proximity, your dwarves could sleep "uneasily due to noise", "very uneasily due to noise", or be woken up by noise. These events will produce unhappy thoughts in varying degrees.

Neither walls nor doors will insulate dwarves from noise. Distance (counted in steps, and thus in a diamond shape) and how loud a job is are the only factors determining whether a dwarf's sleep will be disturbed.

Noise is produced when a noisy job is completed. Thoughts about noise do not appear until the sleeping dwarf has woken up.

Dwarves walking through a sleeping dwarf's room (even over his head) will not cause noise, which is important for bedroom design.

Noisiness of various jobs[edit]

Within 16 tiles:

Within 8 tiles:

  • Digging
  • Wood cutting

Within 4 tiles:

Within 2 tiles:

Noise in practice[edit]

  • Try not to place buildings like doors while your dwarves are asleep. Or if you do, make sure they are at least 16 tiles away from the nearest sleeping dwarf.
  • Don't dig near the bedrooms when there are dwarves sleeping in them.

Designing in anticipation of noise[edit]

Remember that jails, hospitals, and sleeping barracks should also ideally be kept away from noise, in addition to standard and noble bedrooms.

Facilities that can be safely built around bedrooms and other sleeping facilities, to separate the area set aside for the "quiet zone", include anything that does not make noise...


Dwarves only remember the last noise that they heard, so a sleeping dwarf exposed to a very loud noise followed by a very quiet noise will only complain about having slept "uneasily due to noise". The following patch for version fixes this: