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Region 4, Mountainhome Stâkudîton Zustashizkilgostaban Bëmbul, "Machinehall the Ancient Intricate Arch-Construct of Mechanisms"[edit]

Settled by Truestrike the Courageous Loyal Rock-Band of Beards
Created wealth 3,359,388
Population 170 dwarves

480 animals

Deaths 25 dwarves

32 dogs


I got ambitious and carefully customized the fortress and party Names before embark.

Machinehall was built in two phases:

  1. Complex I: Single 32x32 room
  2. Complex II: 17 15x15 levels, with a helix ramp in the center
    • Planned waterfall in the center of the ramp (never tested)
    • Each level dedicated to a specific industry or activity

Unfortunately, these complexes are not close together, and the transition is taking a very long time. Currently most dwarves in Machinehall can be found walking in the long tunnel between them.

Queen Saga[edit]

Eventually, Machinehall grew enough to attract the interest of royalty. After an artifact mechanism was used in a drawbridge, Queen Lorbam Äkiltosid arrived and proclaimed her demands for the finest, most lavish accommodations imaginable. Plans for such were drawn up immediately, and work began. Not fast enough for Her Royal Highness, however; with each passing day, the indignity of her condition weighed upon the noble monarch, until finally one day it was all too much.

Lorbam Äkiltosid, Queen has gone stark raving mad!

She wandered aimlessly, overcome with despair. Where had she gone wrong? Surely road value is an excellent way to choose where to live! Eventually, the Queen threw herself into Machinehall Complex II's 17-level dry waterfall.

Lorbam Äkiltosid, Queen has died after colliding with an obstacle.

And her subjects mourned. Or at least I assume they will; the loss of the Queen prompted me to save my game (and not come back to it yet).

Other Events[edit]


  • Mayor Ïteb Zasurrïth
    • Legendary Record Keeper
    • Legendary Appraiser
    • Legendary Organizer
    • Undefeated in all elections since founding
    • Big fan of iron and doors
  • First legendary mechanic, Bim Suvasbomrek
    • Decided she was Machinehall's de facto matron
    • Built her an office/dining/bedroom complex using her favorite materials
  • First legendary stonecrafter, Ustuth Inethurol
  • Legendary Bone Carver, Led Tizötdodók


Level 0:


Level 1:

  • Pit under drawbridges, never tested
    • 26 tiles long
    • 9 Z-levels deep
  • 'Bait' tunnels with war dogs, unsuccessful
  • Exotic pet collection
    • Rhesus macaques
    • Groundhogs
    • Jaguar
    • Elk
    • One-humped Camel
    • Deer
  • Housing in a spiral pattern
    • Please forgive resemblance to onerous historical symbols; goal was merely to maximize density and minimize distance from doors to center. If it's any consolation, I think theirs were clockwise instead.