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Screw press


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This article is about an older version of DF.

A screw press is a special workshop used to press liquids out of various substances. Currently, this consists of pressing rock nut paste to yield oil (which can then be made into soap or cooked) and press cake (which can be cooked), and pressing honeycombs to yield honey (which can then be brewed into mead) and wax cake (which can be made into wax crafts).


  • If the glazed earthenware or glass jug is in a stockpile, the screw press workshop will not allow the job to be initiated. You must have at least one unforbidden, non-stockpiled jug available. This is reportedly fixed in 31.20.
  • Royal jelly is stored in jugs, which can be stored in 2 stockpiles: finished goods / tools, and food / animal extract. In the first case, the dwarfs handle the jug as an item, not a royal jelly container. In both cases it will stocked in bins, not barrels.