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v0.31:Magma forge

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Magma forge


Job Requirement

Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Metalsmith, Metal crafter, Trapper, Mechanic

Materials Jobs
Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about an older version of DF.

The magma forge is a workshop used by dwarves to turn metal bars into useful objects such as weapons, ammunition, armor, furniture, coins, trap components, metal crafts and ballista arrow heads without the need for coke to fuel the reaction.

To build a magma forge, you must have magma-safe materials (non-magma-safe materials will not be shown on the material list), a magma-safe anvil (which may exclude non-standard metal anvils produced by [[strange mood]s), and a build site where at least one tile directly beneath one of its eight non-center tiles contains magma at a depth of 4/7 or greater. Placing the impassable sections of the workshop over the magma will prevent dwarves from getting knocked in and prevent magma creatures from crawling out. While it is possible to construct a magma forge without open access to magma beneath one of its 9 squares, you will be unable to add tasks to the workshop. Note also that, like all workshops, the central tile must be floored, as it is required for a dwarf to use the workshop, and therefore cannot be the square used to access magma (you will be blocked from building the workshop).

Note that in order to build one, you must have first found magma on the map.

Workshop labors and skills[edit]

Several different types of items can be created at a metalsmith's forge; dwarves will need the correct type of labor enabled for each. The labors used at a forge are:

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