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v0.31:Butcher's shop

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Butcher's shop


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This article is about an older version of DF.

The butcher's shop is used to butcher tame animals, corpses of certain slain animals, and to process skeletons of wild animals. Tame animals can be designated for butchering either by pressing v, moving the cursor over the animal and pressing s, or by going into the animal list by pressing z, Enter and then by choosing the animal(s) for butchering by pressing b while they are highlighted. It can also be used to butcher already dead animals.

A butchered animal results into various items with different uses:

Item Uses
Meat and Prepared organs Eaten raw or cooked
Fat Cooked to tallow
Skull Crafting skull totem
Bones Crafting bone bolts, bone crafts, or used as a decoration material
Hooves, Horns, Shells, Nails,Teeth Used for crafts or used as a decoration material
Skin Tanned into Leather
Hair Spun into thread, but not weaved into cloth
Cartilage Currently no uses. v0.31.25
Nervous tissue Currently no uses. v0.31.25
Feather, Scale, and Chitin Currently no uses. v0.31.25
Wool Spun into Yarn


Butcher's Shop

  • bButcher a dead animal

Renders a dead animal into its component parts of meat, fat, skin, bones, and skulls. Usually used on animals that your hunter brings back, or tame animals you chose for slaughter.

  • eExtract from a dead animal

Requires a caged fire snake, cave spider, or phantom spider and animal dissection. Contrary to the name of the task, the vermin must be alive (though it will be dead once the task is done). Produces liquid fire and venom, respectively.

  • aCapture a live land animal

Requires an animal trap and trapping. The trapper will take the trap and chase vermin until it catches one.

Common Uses[edit]

  • Produce meat for food.
  • Produce skin for leather.
  • Produce bones for bolts.

Helpful Strategies[edit]

Hauling and stockpile considerations[edit]

One thing to beware of is that butchered creatures will practically explode into piles of meat, bones, fat, organs and more; this can quickly clutter up a butchers shop or risk rotting the entire pile if not enough haulers and a suitable stockpile are available. Refuse also can not be stored in containers, so every item will use up one stockpile tile. For any jobs, such as cooking meat, rendering fat, and carving bones, the entire stack will become tasked and unavailable to other workshops.

The initial corpse or body part must be in a stockpile close enough to the butcher's shop to automatically trigger the Butcher a dead animal job. Similarly, there is a maximum distance for the Tanner's shop to notice a skin and automatically trigger a Tan a skin job. It is not known precisely what "close enough" is, in either case.

Clutter Reduction and Rotting Prevention[edit]

A good way to cut down on clutter and to prevent your butchered animals from rotting is to build a Quantum Stockpile right by your butcher shops and then place a stockpile at the bottom. This way as meat is produced you can order it dumped into the stockpile so it is stored easily and will not rot. To prevent rotten meat from producing miasma channel out a shaft above your butcher shops and build a wall around it on the surface. This way if meat rots it will not produce miasma.


  • A butcher's shop is operated by any dwarf with the 'butchery' labor enabled.
  • Corpses left to rot will become skeletons. Only those of wild animals (typically killed from hunting or traps) can be processed at the butcher's shop. Products will be bone, skull, hoof, horn and the like (no meat, fat, prepared organs or skin).
  • There are currently some bugs relating to butchered products and clutter.
  • Partial corpses as well as mutilated corpses do not provide the "full set"; the number of bones may be lower, organs may be missing.
  • You can't butcher vermin fish, that is done at the Fishery. But you can butcher underwater creatures. For instance, you can butcher 'Carp corpse', but you can't butcher 'Oyster'.
  • Tamed animals that die of starvation seem to be unbutcherable, although those that die of old age may be butchered.

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