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Room requirements  
Office Royal Throne Room
Quarters Royal Bedroom
Dining room Royal Dining Room
Tomb Royal Mausoleum
Furniture requirements
Chests 10
Cabinets 5
Weapon racks 5
Armor stands 5
Mandates 5
Demands 10
Arrival conditions
  • Special
This article is about an older version of DF.

The King is the dwarf named as ruler of the dwarf civilization in the civilizations screen. When the King arrives, your fortress will be promoted to Mountainhome and capital of that civilization.

The king may, in fact, be a Queen. She will be referred to as such in text relating to the process of her arrival.

Unlike most other nobles, the King is generally a historical figure, having been appointed during world generation. Due to a bug, this results in the king having no preferences of any sort, so (s)he will never make any "normal" mandates. If your civilization's king is dead (e.g. from the destruction of a previous fortress in the same civilization), then a new king will be created from scratch who does have preferences and will make normal mandates as usual.

Once your king has arrived, all diplomats will insist on meeting with him instead of the Baron, Count, or Duke. If the king is dead (e.g. due to an unfortunate accident), they will instead attempt to meet with your Governor.


Once your fortress is the home of the Duke, "The Incoming King" will appear on your nobles screen. You will need to reach a certain architectural value, road value (whether from paved roads or bridges), and offerings required (to the dwarven civ's merchants) for the King to arrive. The values needed for each vary from fort to fort, but can be viewed by examining 'The Incoming King' on the Nobles screen - the base values are 10000☼ architecture + 5000☼ roads + 5000☼ offerings, with one of the three values being randomly increased by 50%. Offerings must be made after the requirements become known, and they must actually reach the king: the merchants must make it safely off the map with your offerings.

Alternately, if you dig far enough to find adamantine, this noble will make a surprise arrival, dressed as a peasant. Despite arriving dressed as a peasant, he will make the same room and furniture demands as otherwise.


If the king arrives normally (i.e., not from adamantine), he will come with a spouse, four Axe Lord royal guards, and an advisor.

A king that comes dressed as a peasant will have no entourage, and therefore no advisor and no royal guards.

The arrival of the king makes your fortress the mountainhome. The foremost consequence of this is you will no longer receive an outpost liaison from your civilization (since he is now your advisor), so can no longer make special request of them, and you can no longer make offerings to the caravan.

Mandates and Demands[edit]

The king makes particularly special mandates, forcing you to "mine to the yellow line" and eventually uncover the eerie glowing pits and discover the adamantine-lined chasm. Once the adamantine has been reached, the mandates will change, forcing you to "make adamantine goods" (mining out the adamantine in the process) in quantities that increase over time, eventually leading to the demon being released and your fortress being instantly destroyed via the "Too Deep" ending. Failing to satisfy such a mandate will result in 10 of your miners being punished with either 100 days in prison or 100 hammerstrikes.