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Dwarf Fortress was released on August 21, 2008.

Another one. The partial print for graphics has been changed to a default-no init option, so if you weren't having display trouble and had a better framerate, you should turn it on. It's in data/init/init.txt and it's called "PARTIAL_PRINT". It'll probably take a while to resolve issues for everyone else.

-- Toady One

Minor Changes[edit]

  • added an init option for partial screen refreshes (defaults to off)
  • added windowed/fullscreen grid sizes

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • stopped designation cursor from leaving a trail when the minimap is updating
  • fixed reclaim crash from units holding multigrasp clothing
  • fixed lockup for glassmaker moods where the glassmaker doesn't like glass
  • handled some other potential multigrasp inventory indexing issues
  • fixed problem potentially capping caravan wagon number at 2
  • handled new forbid orders vs. butchery, severs and sever-drops
  • fixed problem with delay on up digging tasks
  • fixed problem causing single tile mountain civs from using feature plants
  • fixed wagon occupancy problem leaving behind flags that stopped construction
  • stopped reclaim from creating a second site at the spot
  • stopped dirt road construction at glacier/stone interface
  • fixed problem with map export and flashing job markers