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Profession Scholar
Job Title Chemist
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Memory
  • Unknown
This article is about the current version of DF.

Chemist is a scholar skill. It is used by scholars when thinking about chemistry-related topics:

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision Skills used in research
Adhesives The preparation and use of adhesive materials Adhesive Chemicals Chemist
Aqua regia The preparation of aqua regia Aqua regia Chemicals Chemist
Oil of vitriol The preparation of oil of vitriol Sulfuric acid Chemicals Chemist
Spirit of niter The preparation of spirit of niter Nitric acid Chemicals Chemist
Alkali and acids The classification of alkali and acids pH Classification Chemist, Record keeper
Combustibles The classification of combustible materials Combustibility Classification Chemist, Record keeper
Elemental theory The classification of materials based on which elemental materials might form them Classical element or Atomic theory Classification Chemist
Ores The classification of ores Ore Classification Chemist
Scratch test A method of classifying the hardness of materials by scratching them against each other Scratch hardness Classification Chemist, Record keeper
Alembic The construction and use of the alembic Alembic Laboratory Chemist
Blast furnace The construction and use of the blast furnace Blast furnace Laboratory Chemist
Crucible The construction and use of the crucible Crucible Laboratory Chemist
Lab ovens The construction and use of laboratory ovens Laboratory oven Laboratory Chemist
Systematic experiments Methods for performing experiments systematically in the laboratory Scientific method Laboratory Chemist, Record keeper
Theory of distillation The theory and methods involved in distillation Distillation Laboratory Chemist
Theory of evaporation The theory and methods involved in evaporation Evaporation Laboratory Chemist
Theory of liquid-liquid extraction The theory and methods involved in the extraction of a constituent liquid from one solution to another Liquid–liquid extraction Laboratory Chemist
Ampoule The construction and use of the ampoule Ampoule Laboratory (glass) Chemist
Beaker The construction and use of the beaker Beaker Laboratory (glass) Chemist
Flask The construction and use of the flask Flask Laboratory (glass) Chemist
Funnel The construction and use of the funnel Funnel Laboratory (glass) Chemist
Retort The construction and use of the retort Retort Laboratory (glass) Chemist
Vial The construction and use of the vial Vial Laboratory (glass) Chemist
Alloys The mixing of metals to produce alloys Alloy Metallurgy Chemist