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Profession Scholar
Job Title Geographer
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Memory
  • Unknown
This article is about the current version of DF.

Geographer is a scholar skill. It is used by scholars when thinking about geography-related topics:

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision Skills used in research
Accurate maps the creation of accurate maps Map Cartography Geographer
Cartography The process involved in creating maps Cartography Cartography Geographer
Distance scale The use of distance scale in the creation of maps Scale (map) Cartography Geographer
Economic The placement of economic information on maps Economic geography Cartography Geographer, Record keeper
Geological The placement of geological information on maps Geologic map Cartography Geographer
Grid system the use of a grid system in the creation of maps Grid reference Cartography Geographer
Height measurements The measurement of the height of land features. Topographic map and Levelling Cartography Geographer, Record keeper
Map projections Methods of adjusting maps to account for the shape of the world Map projection Cartography Geographer
Atlases The collection of maps and other information together into a single text Atlas Form Geographer, Record keeper
Econometrics The process of economic data collection Econometrics Method Geographer, Record keeper
Cartographical surveying Surveying by triangulation for the purpose of creating maps Cartography and Surveying Surveying Geographer
Engineering surveying Surveying by triangulation for engineering projects Construction surveying Surveying Geographer
Land surveying Surveying by triangulation for the purpose of allocating land Cadastral surveying Surveying Geographer
Military surveying Surveying by triangulation for military purposes Construction surveying and Military engineering Surveying Geographer
Surveying The process of surveying land Surveying Surveying Geographer
Surveying staff The construction and use of the surveying staff Level staff Surveying Geographer
Triangulation Surveying by triangulation Triangulation Surveying Geographer
Anemology The forces that govern wind patterns Global wind patterns Theory Geographer
Delta formation The process of the formation of deltas at the mouths of rivers River delta § Formation Theory Geographer
Latitude climate zones The division of the world into climate zones Clime Theory Geographer
Origin of rainfall from evap condense The origin of rainfall through evaporation and condensation Evaporation and Condensation Theory Geographer
Water cycle A world-wide cycle involving precipitation, oceans, rivers, and other forms of water Water cycle Theory Geographer