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This article is about the current version of DF.

Flatterer is a social skill used by dwarves while making friends or during interrogation. Dwarves that are particularly good at this tend to make friends easily and will often rise to mayoral positions.

To train this skill, let dwarves idle and chatter amongst themselves. Straightforward dwarves will never gain experience in this skill.

In Adventure mode, this skill is trained during a disagreement over values. After the NPC has stated their values, you can choose to "Flatter the listener" in order to politely end the discussion. If, instead, you prefer to rudely end the conversation and dismiss the argument, you will raise the intimidator skill. Since the course of a debate is mostly random, and there is no guarantee at any point during a disagreement if the other party will state their values or simply deflect the argument, this skill is quite time-consuming to raise and difficult to automate with a macro.