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Profession Farmer
Job Title Gelder
Labor Gelding
  • x Geld animal
This article is about the current version of DF.

Gelder is the skill associated with the geld labor. Gelding allows the castration of male animals so they cannot produce offspring. This is useful to stop/prevent catsplosions as the tomcats can no longer breed. A dwarf more skilled in gelding is less likely to be injured performing the job.

Animals can be selected for gelding through the same menus used for butchery:

  • go into view mode, place the cursor on the animal, go to the preferences page and press x to flag (or un-flag) the animal for gelding, or,
  • go to the z (Status) screen, then the animal status screen, select the animal and press x to flag (or un-flag) for gelding.

A geld animal job will be then added to a farmer's workshop. A gelder will take this job and lead the animal to the workshop, at which point it is instantly castrated. A castrated male's gender will appear as x♂x rather than the usual .

Geldable animals have [SET_BP_GROUP:BY_TYPE][BP_ADD_TYPE:GELDABLE] under [CASTE:MALE] section of their RAWs.

Egg-laying animals are not geldable.

Incidentally, gelding can occur through combat as well. Attacks aimed at the lower body can cause "a gelding strike" or "the geldables have been torn away" for the same effect.