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Profession Craftsdwarf
Job Title Potter
Labor Pottery
  • Make clay jug
  • Make clay bricks
  • Make clay statue
  • Make large clay pot
  • Make clay crafts
  • Make clay hive
  • Creativity
  • Agility
  • Kinesthetic Sense
  • Spatial Sense
This article is about the current version of DF.
Potters using a kiln to fire or harden some clay pots.

Potter is the skill associated with the pottery labor. Potters make ceramic bricks, jugs, statues, pots, and craft items at the kiln or magma kiln. Some instruments or instrument parts can be made with a potter, depending on world generation. Note that using a kiln to Collect Clay requires the Item Hauling labor and not pottery.

Potter skill level is used to determine the quality of the created good. If a glaze is applied it adds to the value of the final product (but glazing is a separate labor from pottery).

Potters can produce a variety of goods for a fortress as part of the ceramic industry.