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Profession Engineer
Job Title Mechanic
Labor Mechanics
  • Construct Mechanisms
  • Machine construction
  • Trap construction
  • Link up lever/pressure plate
  • Load Trap
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Analytical Ability
  • Creativity
  • Spatial Sense
This article is about the current version of DF.

Mechanic is the skill associated with the mechanics labor. Mechanics can work at a mechanic's workshop or a metalsmith's forge to manufacture mechanisms, and place any buildings that require mechanisms such as levers, gears and traps. They are also responsible for linking up levers or pressure plates to objects such as bridges, floodgates and other contraptions.

A dwarf will gain mechanics skill by manufacturing mechanisms in the mechanic's workshop. A dwarf with a high skill in mechanics will typically produce higher quality mechanisms, and can link up objects faster than a novice. High quality mechanisms may provide happy thoughts to passing dwarves. Skill is also gained by loading cage traps, and by completing linking tasks.

Mechanics can also make traction benches, which are occasionally needed by doctors to treat compound fractures.

To manufacture metal mechanisms, navigate into the trap component sub-menu at any metalsmith's forge. This process will use the mechanics labor.

The mechanic skill is also used by scholars when thinking about engineering-related topics.

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision
Balance wheel Balance wheel Machine
Bellows The construction and use of the bellows Bellows Machine
Camshaft Camshaft Machine
Chain drive The construction and use of chain drives Chain drive Machine
Chariot odometer Odometer Machine
Combination lock Combination lock Machine
Crank Crank (mechanism) Machine
Crankshaft Crankshaft Machine
Differential gear Differential (mechanical device) Machine
Double acting piston bellows Bellows Machine
Lever The construction and use of the lever Lever Machine
Mechanical compass Compass Machine
Padlock The construction and use of the padlock Padlock Machine
Piston Piston pump § Force pump Machine
Pulley The construction and use of the pulley Pulley Machine
Screw The construction and use of the screw Screw Machine
Straight beam balance The construction and use of the straight-beam balance Weighing scale § Mechanical balances Machine
Theory of gears The reasons why gears are effective Gear Machine
Theory of lever The reasons why the lever is effective Lever Machine
Theory of pulley The reasons why pulleys are effective Pulley Machine
Theory of screw The reasons why screws are effective Screw Machine
Theory of wedge The reasons why the wedge is effective Wedge Machine
Theory of wheel and axle The reasons why the wheel-and-axle construction is effective Wheel and axle Machine
Trip hammer Trip hammer Machine
Tumbler lock The construction and use of the tumbler lock Pin tumbler lock Machine
Verge escapement The construction and use of the verge escapement Verge escapement Machine
Warded lock The construction and use of the warded lock Warded lock Machine
Water powered piston bellows Du Shi § The Water-Powered Blast Furnace Machine
Water powered sawmill Watermill Machine
Water powered trip hammer Trip hammer and Water wheel Machine
Water wheel Water wheel Machine
Windlass The construction and use of the windlass Windlass Machine

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