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Critical thinker
Profession Scholar
Job Title Critical thinker
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Unknown
This article is about the current version of DF.
"How do cats never care?"
Art by Falisia

Critical thinker is a scholar skill. It is used by scholars when thinking about history topics. It seems to be an important skill for scholars in general, especially when writing books/scrolls. As dwarves level in this skill very slowly, it can be worth assigning dwarves that already have a few levels in it as your scholars.

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision Skills used in research
Alternate history The exploration of how history would be different if some key past events had transpired differently Alternate history Form Critical thinker
Autobiographical adventure The method of writing a biography of oneself, particularly as it concerns a military campaign or adventure Autobiography Form Critical thinker
Biographical dictionaries The compilation of brief biographies into one large collection Biographical dictionary Form Critical thinker
Biography The method of writing the history of a single individual Biography Form Critical thinker
Comparative anthropology The method of comparing and contrasting different cultures Cross-cultural studies Form Critical thinker
Comparative biography The method of compiling several biographies to compare and contrast the subjects' character and to gain insight into history Biography Form Critical thinker
Cultural history The method of accurately and comprehensively describing cultures and civilizations Cultural history Form Critical thinker
Encyclopedia The compilation of many summaries into a single text. Encyclopedia Form Critical thinker, Record keeper
Genealogy The compilation of family lineages and methods of displaying them artfully Genealogy Form Critical thinker, Record keeper
Treatise on tech evolution The method of examining artifacts to determine how methods have changed over time. Technological evolution Form Critical thinker
Archaeology The method of collecting and evaluating artifacts to learn about history and culture Archaeology Sourcing Critical thinker
Personal interviews Using personal interviews as sources Interview Sourcing Critical thinker, Organizer
Role of cultural differences The role of cultural differences in source reliability and interpretation Cultural relativism Sourcing Critical thinker
Role of state bias and propaganda The role of state bias and propaganda in sources Propaganda Sourcing Critical thinker
Role of systemic bias The role of systemic bias in sources Systemic bias Sourcing Critical thinker
Source reliability The reliability of sources Source criticism Sourcing Critical thinker
Historical causation The causes of historical events Causality § History Theory Critical thinker
Historical cycles The notion of historical, governmental and social cycles Cyclic history Theory Critical thinker
Social conflict Conflict between members of a community Social conflict Theory Critical thinker
Sociology The notion of bonds between members of a community Sociology Theory Critical thinker