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This article is about the current version of DF.

A mead hall is a structure built by humans, serving as the seat of the local government for a hamlet. Mead halls are located separately from houses and may even be located outside the borders. On the fast travel screen, their names will be displayed in light magenta (example), and on the map will resemble a 3x3 block of housing with yellow roads, but unlike houses, the entire area can be traveled through. An especially young site may not yet have a mead hall constructed. When a hamlet transitions into a town, the mead hall will be replaced with a keep.

The stone building itself consists of one or more floors divided into rooms, with the entryway being the throne room of the local lord or lady. As with keeps, various rooms will have assorted items and equipment laying around for any adventurer to take. The local ruler and his/her retainers reside in these buildings. Mead halls also tend to be much more expansive than the building within a keep, but they also lack any fortified walls with towers surrounding it.

When creating an adventurer, choosing to start as a hearthperson in a hamlet will start you off as a member of the local mead hall's soldiers.

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Sadly, unlike the real-life inspiration for the structure, there aren't any dining rooms in which to drink mead.

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Dwarven: thash îton
Elvish: tiwuthi pani
Goblin: ger ngug
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