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This article is about the current version of DF.

A tower is a structure inside human towns. They are built by rich historical figures like town officials, merchants, or those who had a windfall at gambling in the local tavern. Towers can be inherited, sold, or bought, and are an excellent place to conduct schemes, as well as hide artifacts. However, they should not be confused with Necromancer's towers.

World generation[edit]

During world generation, rich historical figures will buy properties in towns and, if they have enough money, build a tower. Then, over the following years, the tower can be remodelled to include some improvements, of which these currently are the following:

This is currently something that happens in legends only. The dungeons in adventurer mode are delayed for now.
A walled courtyard with flowering plants will be added, filling out the plot.
A feasthall with tables and chairs is added.
Fortifications will be added at the top level.
A five-level tower inside a human city in adventurer mode. According to legends mode, it has been improved with a courtyard, a dungeon and fortifications. Only the courtyard and fortifications are visible.

Adventurer Mode[edit]

You can visit towers in adventurer mode. Sometimes their owners will be present in them.