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This article is about the current version of DF.
A shrine of red sand, decorated with pillars and floors of gneiss. A bronze colossus inhabits it.
Not to be confused with small religious locations at civilized sites.

Shrines (Å are a type of site, functioning identically to a lair. They consist of cubic open spaces decorated with pillars, and some smoothed floors. Bronze colossuses, titans, and sometimes also clowns make their homes at shrines, and will aggressively defend their territory when approached. Shrines will often be littered with the corpses of past adventurers who tried to fight their inhabitants but failed.

A shrine can be discovered in adventurer mode either by travelling, or by asking local people about either the surrounding area, or local beasts. As you approach the site, the beast living there will charge at you the moment it notices your presence, making stealth an attractive choice when setting foot near a shrine. Becoming a necromancer and reviving the dozens, if not hundreds of corpses to do your bidding is also a wise choice, however you may be left with an army of skeletons that attack any living sapient being on sight.

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