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This article is about the current version of DF.
A map of a typical hamlet, exported from legends mode.
Places of interest:
Mead hall

A hamlet is a small site built by humans, forming the rural area of a human civilization. Populations in hamlets are low, and peak near one hundred residents, in contrast to towns. Hamlets can be compared to dwarven hillocks.

In the world map, æ and Æ indicate hamlets in hills, while = and indicate hamlets in flat plains. Æ, Æ and Æ indicate hamlets situated on rivers or streams. Æ are hamlets that have been abandoned or ruined, though they don't display this if they are on a river/stream.

Hamlets are composed of small groups of houses surrounded by immense fields of local crops, meadows, and pastures divided by dirt roads. Houses are inhabited by commoners who aren't typically fond of adventures. Some houses may have a table and a cabinet with leather clothing, there are no beds in the houses. An adventurer may ask permission of a commoner to stay the night. Small wells can be found next to the houses. The local governing body is located at the mead hall, housing the lord, the hearthspeople, and other nobility. The mead hall is built on a separate location from other structures.

In the rare case that a human civilization is nearing death and all towns have been destroyed, a hamlet may become the seat of power, and the mead hall will be additionally used as the throne of the law-maker.