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This article is about the current version of DF.

A counting house is a structure built by a merchant company at a site. A single company might build multiple counting houses, some of which might be in the same site.

A counting house consists of several floors, with bins filled with goods on one, and a room with chairs and tables on another. Sometimes artifacts might be hidden at counting houses.

The two levels of a counting house. The left is the lower storage floor, filled with bins. The right is the upper socialization area, filled with chairs.

Merchant Company[edit]

A merchant company is a group of merchants. In world generation, members of a merchant company will trade items between sites, as an expression of the underlying economy simulation. Currently, the primary purpose of merchant companies is to facilitate the interconnection between sites of different civilizations, and to ensure there are plenty of rich historical figures that might buy properties in sites, build fancy towers, and fund all sorts of schemes. In short, it is mostly invisible.

Merchant companies will have a leader position (named master or head), and may have an administrator (also named governor or factor) position with trade and record keeping responsibilities.