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This article is about the current version of DF.

Milk of lime is a stone-derived liquid product used in the production of parchment.

Producing milk of lime[edit]

Milk of lime is produced at an ashery. Any dwarf with the lye maker labor enabled can convert one bag of quicklime into ten units of milk of lime. You must have an empty bucket available to do so.


Milk of lime's sole use is in the production of parchment. A dwarf with the tanner labor enabled can bring a tanned hide and a bucket of milk of lime to a tanner's shop to produce a sheet of parchment.


Creating milk of lime is an exothermic reaction, producing a cloud of smoke and releasing significant heat. Nearby flammable objects may catch on fire.

Real world[edit]

Milk of lime (or limewater) is a milky solution of calcium hydroxide in water. It has had a wide variety of uses since ancient times, including fresco painting, food preparation, and personal hygiene.

Calcium hydroxide based.