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This article is about the current version of DF.

Slurry is a material used in paper making. Slurry is created at a mill or quern from cloth plants and pressed into paper at a screw press. This also creates seeds.

The labor associated with making slurries is papermaking, under crafts - not milling, as one might expect from the building.

Slurry is considered to be a glob in the Stocks menu.

Oddly enough, despite not being food, slurries are stored in the food stockpile as a paste.

Dripping slurry.


  • Slurry stored on the floor in food stockpile (not in a barrel/pot) will trigger a Clean job, resulting in the glob being destroyed.Bug:9884 As a work-around one can do away with the stockpile, and the slurry will remain safely in the quern/millstone until need at a screw press.