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This article is about the current version of DF.

Plant fiber is a type of thread, created from harvested plants by a thresher at a farmer's workshop. It can then be dyed, used to create cloth, or used by a suturer in a hospital. Producing plant fiber threads will also create seeds for the corresponding crop.

There are currently eight crops which can be used for textile production: rope reeds, pig tails, hemp, cotton, ramie, flax, jute and kenaf. Pig tails are the only fiber-producing crop which can be grown underground; the others are all above-ground crops. The value of the plant fiber does not change depending on the crop used.

When used to create cloth, all plant fibres have a material value of 12☼, twice as much as wool and low-value silk, but half as much as the precious giant cave spider silk.

Pre-rope material.

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