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This article is about the current version of DF.

Sewers are underground networks of flooded tunnels found below the town streets. Water is sourced from nearby rivers. Parts of sewers are not completely flooded, making exploration possible. Rarely, towns with no nearby rivers or bodies of water will have completely dry sewers. Dry sewers can also occur when the supplying river is frozen. Towns with sewers have visible floor grates in the middle of streets.

Above-ground sewer entrances are spread alongside the main streets and buildings. They are shown on the local fast travel map as Sewer Access in the building list. The entrances are simple downward ramps or stairs that directly lead down to a walkable tunnel. An alternative entryway involves entering through a flooded tunnel by swimming under the river, but unless you're amphibious or don't require breathing, this method poses a high risk of drowning. Connected dungeons and catacombs can also lead to sewers.

Sewers are populated with subterranean animal people. Similar to criminal organizations, these animal people outcasts form groups and patrol the flooded sewer sections, attacking on sight. They are armed with spears as well as blowguns, a very rare weapon. Other critters may reside in sewers too. Random items and skeletons on the floor are uncommon. Proceed with caution in sewers and be careful not to dodge into the water without at least an adequate swimming skill, lest the fall stun you and make you drown.

Old sewers of Rome.
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