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Pet Attributes
Pet value 10

Cannot be trained 

Birth: 50 cm3
Mid: 500 cm3
Max: 1,000 cm3

Adult at: 1
Max age: 7-9
Butchering returns

Food items

Meat 0-2

Raw materials

Skull 1

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A small water bird. It has a long neck and powerful legs meant for swimming and diving.

A duck is a small domestic bird. A male of the species is known as a "drake", and the young are known as "ducklings". It is one of the few domestic birds that can also be found as a wild population in the correct biome.

Ducks are the smallest of the common domestic poultry, so small that they need not be butchered, and indeed cannot be. They take two years to grow to full size, and have a relatively short lifespan. These qualities make raising ducks a poor choice for a meat industry. However, on average, ducks lay the second most eggs of any domestic bird (8-13, exceeded only by turkeys' 10-14), and, like all domestic poultry, grow to adulthood in one year, making them a decent choice for egg production.

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