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v0.31:Outpost liaison

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Outpost Liaison
Room requirements  
Office Throne Room
Quarters Great Bedroom
Dining room Great Dining Room
Tomb Tomb
Furniture requirements
Chests 3
Cabinets 2
Weapon racks 2
Armor stands 2
Mandates None
Demands 3
Arrival conditions
This article is about an older version of DF.
"Our fortunes rise and fall together."

The Outpost Liaison is a noble position responsible for coordinating with the capital. In the current version, it is not possible to assign a dwarf to this position, nor will one ever migrate to your fortress.

The outpost liaison lives at the Mountainhome and visits your fortress along with each caravan to establish trade agreements; in addition, once your fortress reaches certain requirements, the outpost liaison will allow you to appoint a baron (and subsequently upgrade to a count and then duke).

Once the King arrives, the outpost liaison will cease to visit your fortress - in previous versions, this was justified by the outpost liaison joining your fortress as the "Advisor" noble, but this no longer happens.

In previous versions, the liaison's title also upgraded according to your fortress's status; this no longer happens either.


The outpost liaison arrives with the Dwarven caravan. Due to a bug, you will receive a new outpost liaison every year, even if your existing liaison safely makes it off of the map. The elevation of your colony will not occur unless the liaison leaves the map alive; if the liaison dies, you will get another chance for elevation when the new one visits.

Upon arriving, the outpost liaison will attempt to attend a meeting with your leader, following him/her around and waiting for an opportunity to discuss your situation. Your leader will need to perform the Conduct Meeting job, sometimes for quite a while, to satisfy the visiting liaison.

If your liaison goes without meeting for a long period of time (or your leader was taken by a strange mood), he or she will leave and you will get a screen informing you "Diplomacy Stymied: A diplomat has left unhappy". This also happens when the leader is replaced.

During the meeting, the outpost liaison will seek to set up a trade agreement. You'll be asked to indicate your demand for all the different kinds of goods; this will cause prices to be quoted, and will strongly influence the contents of next year's caravan. In return, the liaison will indicate the prices that will be paid for goods the dwarven civilization particularly desires (you are not obligated to trade any of those items).

If you have satisfied the requirements for becoming a barony, the liaison will also grant you the opportunity to appoint a baron; upon satisfying the requirements for becoming a county or duchy, the liaison will also promote your baron to a count or duke. If you decline to appoint a Baron, the liaison will immediately leave, preventing you from establishing a new trade agreement for the following year.

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