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Bluefin tuna



Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 60,000 cm3
Mid: 200,000 cm3
Max: 600,000 cm3

Adult at: 1
Max age: 20-30
Butchering returns

Food items

Meat 17
Fat 8-10
Brain 1
Heart 1
Intestines 4-5
Liver 1
Kidneys 2
Tripe 1
Sweetbread 1
Eyes 2
Spleen 1

Raw materials

Bones 12
Skull 1
Skin Raw hide

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A large oceanic fish capable of great speed.

Bluefin tuna are enormous (about 600kg on average) sea dwellers which produce high amounts of food when butchered. Unlike many other aquatic animals they produce bones.