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Dark gnome



Cannot be tamed

Child body size
1,500 cm3
Adolescent body size
7,500 cm3
Adult body size
15,000 cm3



This creature cannot be butchered
This article is about an older version of DF.
A tiny, foul-tempered humanoid creature that dwells in the evil mountains. They are known to enjoy drinking liquor and will take any unguarded supplies of booze.
Admired for its ability to hold liquor.

Dark gnomes are the evil nocturnal cousins of mountain gnomes. They have a teal skin, yellow eyes and a wonderful variety of beards. They are just as intelligent as their fairer kin, and like them, lack a spoken language. There is no formal Dark Gnome society, but nevertheless, in Fortress Mode they will come for your booze in groups of 5 to ten and scare the carp out of any civilians they encounter. If they reach your alcohol they'll guzzle it with such efficient speed that your dwarves will soon be dying of thirst unless you have steady access to plants or water.

Despite their apparent malice, Dark Gnomes are not particularly violent and will run in terror when chased. They're able to equip weapons and armor that are appropriately sized for them, but this is rarely seen. Any dwarf or dog can easily hurt them, but be wary of fighting on mountainsides, where a dwarf may charge the gnome, miss, and fall a very long distance.

Lucky gnomes can live for up to 250 years, assuming they stay away from Gnomeblight and other hazards to their health.

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