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Pond turtle

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Pond turtle
Pond turtle sprite.png


Urist likes pond turtles for their shells.


Pond turtle - Pond turtle man - Giant pond turtle


· Amphibious · Exotic pet · Fishable

Pet value 10
Active Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Wikipedia article

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A tiny reptile with a shell on its back. It can be found in rivers and ponds.

Pond turtles are a common source of food and one of the few sources of shells. They can be found in any pool of water and are gathered by fishing. Pond turtles can also be found by digging into an aquifer or by creating water outside the area of pre-existing water sources such as rivers or cavern water. One tile is sufficient, so long as the fishing zone covers only that one tile.

Similar to how hedgehogs can roll into a ball, pond turtles can hide in their shell.

To harvest a shell, the raw pond turtle must be processed at a fishery. This will produce a pond turtle shell and an edible pond turtle. If a pond turtle is eaten before it is processed or cooked, no shell will be produced. The described process of catching, then cleaning pond turtles is the only way to get shells from them. Processed pond turtles are categorized as fish in the stocks and status screen. The "Pond turtle" food that can be purchased from caravans is already processed and thus cannot be used to procure shells.

Tame live pond turtles can sometimes be bought from merchants. These cannot be set up to slaughter, and if one gets killed by a cat or caught by a web or closing door, the only result will be pond turtle remains, not a raw pond turtle you can take to a fisherdwarf's workshop and process to get a shell.

Some dwarves like pond turtles for their shells.

Admired for their shells.

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The pond turtle's elusive cousin, the mighty aquifer turtle, is just like a pond turtle but can be fished in dug aquifers. It is entirely similar to the pond turtle, but one wonders how the turtle can swim between grains of rock in the aquifer and then feed a dwarf.

These wondrous beasts seem to spontaneously generate in dug aquifers, for some reason. Maybe they don't like being in aquifers, so squeeze themselves really hard between two grains of rock?

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