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This article is about the current version of DF.
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For smelted bars of metal or other materials in bar form, see Bar.
For designated tavern locations, see Tavern.
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Vertical bars and floor bars consist of a lattice of strong bars that prevent the passage of everything but fired (not falling) ammunition, liquids, items being pushed by liquids, and low levels of light. Bars can be used vertically as transparent walls or on a flat surface as floor grates. Note that grates are functionally almost identical to bars.

Bars are most commonly used to seal open aqueducts intended for the passage of water, or magma if they are built from magma-safe materials, whether to keep dwarves from falling in or to keep fire imps from invading through them. In this role they are similar to fortifications, which can also be used for the same purpose, except that bars can be destroyed by building destroyers (fortifications cannot). It is recommended to cover any exposed waterways with bars (floor bars do not block fishing or taking water directly from a water source) to prevent melancholy dwarves from contaminating your water supply, although this might not help that much: wells, unfortunately, cannot be grated.

Bars can also be fired through like fortifications by marksdwarves and enemies alike, and provide no protection for either (unlike fortifications). Be warned that building destroyers can and will destroy any vertical bars that block their path into your fortress. Due to a bug where any creature can simply pass through fortifications with impunity, bars and grates make for the best means of keeping enemies out (and your suicidally melee obsessed markdwarves in); bugs notwithstanding, they only have a small advantage over fortifications in that they can be linked to a lever or pressure plate, allowing them to retract when the mechanism is activated.

Floor bars, like floor grates, will catch ammunition that is already falling. Ammunition that has missed its target will not start falling, unless it strikes a wall while over empty space. In other words, bars or grates (or simply floor) can be used to catch ammunition one z-level beneath from a hole, but if a grate or bar is placed at the surface of the hole, ammunition will simply be destroyed rather than falling.


Bars can be built via the Ui b.pngbUi bn.pngn menu by a dwarf with the furniture hauling labor, and take one bar of any type to build. They can be constructed as either "vertical Bars" with Ui b.pngbUi bn.pngnUi bnM.pngM or horizontal "floor Bars" Ui b.pngbUi bn.pngnUi bnm.pngm. Floor bars are intended to be built over open Space, though it is possible to build them directly on top of an existing floor (mainly useful for increasing room value).

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Nothing says "you can't get out" more than metal bars.
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