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Misc. Liquid
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1☼ 600 cm³


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Liquid (internally [LIQUID_MISC]) is a classification under the stocks menu, containing fluids (drinks are separate) such as water, milk, lye, dwarven syrup, honey and royal jelly.

Royal jelly which is still part of one of your hives is also shown here, while honey will only be shown after it has been pressed from a honeycomb. It also lists ichor, blood and venom, of which caravans have been known to bring barrels filled with.


Water has the unique property of being drinkable when stored in liquid form. Though dwarves prefer alcohol, water from a well will satisfy their basic needs. Militia-dwarves equipped with any type of flask are able to store water on their person.

Water can be transported to and from pond zones in buckets and through minecart routes.

An adventurer starts with a waterskin filled with 3 units of water by default, and can interact with it near a source of water to fill it up again.


Main article: Extract

Extracts are made from organic sources by many professions, including some specialized in the creation of extracts. Milk is stored in buckets and stockpiled barrels, plant extracts use either vials or barrels depending on type, and liquid products from beekeeping and a screw press use jugs (or any tool with the LIQUID_STORAGE usage).

Some extracts are poisonous, such as the venom of a spider or gnomeblight, an oddly-specific toxin extracted from kobold bulbs. Fortress citizens cannot apply poisons to weapons on their own, as it requires contaminating the item with a spatter of poison.


A lye maker working at an ashery can refine lye and milk of lime, intermediary products for soap and parchment respectively. While these materials are toxic in real life, spilling them on a creature lacks any adverse effects.

Magma may also be listed as a liquid. This happens whenever the magma fluid melts a non magma-safe stone, or when a minecart is set to pick up magma. As the raws for any stone list their liquid state as magma, when the magma fluid melts the rocks, they become listed as a magma glob on the stocks page.

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