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Cave blob


Urist likes cave blobs for their bright orange color.

  • Underground Depth: 3

· Genderless · No Stun · Syndrome

Tamed Attributes
Pet value 50

· Exotic pet · Non-Breeding

Not trainable 

Max: 20,000 cm3

Adult at: Birth
Max age: Immortal
Butchering returns

Food items

Raw materials

Skin Raw hide
This article is about an older version of DF.
A strange shapeless life form with an orange leathery skin containing a liquid interior. It can secrete its internal fluid.

A Cave blob is a single body/cell organism found in only the deepest caverns.

Cave blobs lack any kind of internal organs and instead are filled with Cave blob gas. Any attack that "breaks away" part of this gas will usually kill them, as will any attack that tears or pierces their skin. Blobs need neither of these parts to live however and they can survive with no internal gas and a totally torn apart body if they are lucky. What truly decides if they die or not is a mystery.

Harmless as they may be, it is still ill-advised to disturb them. Exposure to their secretions or contents is capable of causing mild, short-term harm in the form of painful blisters.

The only products gained by the butchering of a cave blob are a skin for your leatherworkers and a few pools of Cave blob fluid. This fluid can be drunk in Adventure mode to satiate thirst.

Note that sometimes when a cave blob is killed it will not leave a corpse, just a smear of cave blob fluid. These smears can be drunk.