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This article is about the current version of DF.
An underground tunnel in the caverns with stairs leading down to a dwarven mountain halls. Ahead the way splits off to other dwarven sites under the mountains.

A tunnel is an underground goblin or dwarf-made construction that connects sites together. Like roads, they are built during world gen. In addition to connecting to fortresses and other sites, tunnels alwaysVerify intersect the first cavern layer at various points. They are paved with stone blocks.

When embarked on in Fortress Mode they are open at the map edge, potentially allowing Fun to arrive. Fluids, diplomats, and merchants will leave via the tunnel just like any other open map edge in the caverns. This feature differs from previous versions, which capped these tunnels at the map edge. Ruins embarked upon in reclaim fortress mode frequently include a tunnel connecting directly to the deep central shaft.

In Adventure Mode tunnels are probably the most convenient way to travel underground, as they are guaranteed not to be blocked and will lead to two or more sites. They are the only reliable way in or out of the deep dwarves' mountain halls sites. Moreover, they may be safer than travel through the caverns, since no swimming or climbing will be required, and site guards will patrol the tunnel out to some distance from the entrance. Fast travel is allowed along tunnels, unlike other areas underground.

In Legends the history of the civilization that built a tunnel will mention when it was created. Tunnel names will include words like cave, deep, passage, corridor, hall. Unlike roads, there are not separately constructed or named bridges.

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