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This article is about the current version of DF.

Dungeons are the intricate network of halls, and lanes, and tunnels, alleys, cellars, mansions and passages that lie beneath a Keep in a Town. They are distinct from catacombs and sewers, although they occasionally have connections with either. They also rarely have tombs, though the latter tend to only rarely have mummies and more often function as a mass grave for the town's inhabitants.

[edit] Composition of Dungeons

Dungeon Layout from an Early Development Screenshot on the DF Development Blog

Inside of a dungeon one will find many hostiles and quest objectives as well as a good deal of treasure, often in the form of coin, weaponry and armor. There are often Bosses inside of a dungeon, and when you encounter them they will announce themselves as such.

[edit] Possible Bugs

Currently an explorer may encounter trap-doors that do not work. This may be a bug.

If you get a quest that points you to a location in or near a town which does not seem to be related to the quest, then you may actually need to go into the dungeon. Sometimes, in the description of a quest you may be advised to look under the keep first.

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